You Are At Way Too Much Risk With Digital Payments & Cashless Economy

digital india

Ever since Modi ji has come into power, and practically his entire campaign that lead him to becoming our Prime Minister was that he would take India to new heights. Digital India was one of the things that was sold to us all wrapped up in a shiny package with ribbons and bows and the shebang.

Till now that part had been very slow in terms of implementation, however after the recent demonetization event, there has suddenly been this uprising of how we are severely in need of a digital India and that it is impertinent if we truly want to progress.

And sure, you know, I agree with that to a certain extent. Because I certainly believe that introducing modern technology is important, however have we as citizens truly realized what this could mean? Going full digital?

Also and perhaps even more important is the question that, is our government ready to deal with the consequences and problems that might arise because of this?

This video shows some facts and statements that we seriously need to consider:

Now, I agree that though the statistics might not look good at the moment, it is not time to lose all hope. It is essential that India be comfortable with the new inventions and ways of living, but the first and foremost thing that should be given attention to is getting ourselves ready.

Our govt. should have better and higher cyber crime solving rate, the bureau should run in a systematic and more efficient manner and definitely focus needs to be put on how to tighten the cyber security cell.

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