When Saudi Arabia & Mumbai Experienced Winters Like Never Before, It’s Like Nature Giving Us Red Flags


Of course, we have written countless essays regarding deforestation. Every year when the temperature hikes in summers, we have a thought that something is rotting in our policies towards nature.

When Saudi Arabia and Mumbai experienced winters like never before this year, we felt nature was giving ‘red bills’ and a wake-up call.

But when it comes to actions, we, the educated people become hypocrites because we are so busy making our ends meet and making smart decisions regarding our career and future.


According to Food and Agricultural Organisation,  (FAO) It is expected that in less than 70 years all the rainforests in the world would be destroyed. Rainforests supply pure water for over 60% of the world’s population. Even an RO purifier will not be able to purify water which does not percolate from depths of soil held by forests. Most of us will not have drinking water VERY SOON

According to World Resources institute’s annual report, Loss of forests contributes to 12% to 17% to annual global greenhouse gas emissions. So we know why the temperatures are higher than the previous year.

More than 121 natural remedies in the forests which can be used as medicines. These medicines do not have side effects and it will not cause you bigger problems in future because they are meant to cure, not to create a market.

The current rate of deforestation equals to 20 football fields every minute. Imagine this happening in our cities. They would be demolished in less than a day and it would have become headlines in every newspaper. May be because it is forests, we don’t care much.

Over 28000 species will be extinct before 2050 because of deforestation. And we, Homo sapiens, will be affected if it goes in this scale.

Deforestation affects the water cycle. Rains are lessening every year and we contribute to it the most.

According to National Geographic, forests still cover 30% of the land on earth. But each and every year, human activity costs us 29,157 square miles of forest.

Papers are a major reason for deforestations. It is high time we switch to recycling and reducing. Reducing the use of paper and switching to e-reading would be more sustainable and eco-friendly. (Not a campaign for Kindle, please do not confuse) Simple it might seem, but a small step would matter a lot, to quote Wangari Mathai, Nobel laureate environmentalist.


This year’s International Forests Day focuses to invest in forests. They are long term investments because a plant that you take care might take ages to become a strong and healthy tree that provides shade. But those forests that we plant will sustain life. It will make sure that our world will be a place worth living in coming ages. It is not just about green campuses, aesthetically pleasing parks and kitchen gardens. We need thick huge forests. To quote UNDP, 1 oak tree can transpire 151k liters water a year!!!. Is it not a wise long term decision to make?

Is it not the wise and smart investment!

And to end it, listen to the wise words of Chief Seattle from the 19th century which makes sense to us atleast now fortunately.

Chief Seattle Speech


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