Roadies is not a show you’d look at for quality entertainment. I remember a time when it was actually quite popular, back in my school days. My classmates and friends would often be found discussing the latest episode of Roadies and wondering who would ultimately win. 

But it seems that over time their antics have just risen to idiotic levels, with them barely caring if there is a lick of sense in what they are doing or saying. This seems to go for both the participants and the judges. 

Roadies has become a joke in and of itself, with only out-of-work actors and celebrities choosing to come on as judges and wanna-be people wanting 15 minutes of fame coming on as participants. 

However, today I found that #BoycottRoadies was trending in relation to a video that had recently come out. 

Why Was This Video Trending?

An audition video from the latest season of the show Roadies Revolution went viral yesterday. 

In it, a male giving audition for the show was telling how he slapped his girlfriend when it came out that she was cheating on him with five other guys. 

This instantly triggered the judges, but mainly Neha Dhupia and Nikhil Chinappa who started to abuse him really loudly. Neha said that, 

“Ye jo tu bol raha hai na, ek nai 5 ladko ke saath gayi thi. Sun meri baat… it’s her choice. You haven’t tied this whole person down and say oh I’m in a relationship with you, to tu agar jaake cheat karegi to main ye sab karunga. Maybe, the problem lies with you. Check yourself first. Agar wo wahan jaake cheat kar rahi hai, maybe she was feeling threatened by you, maybe you’re not providing physically, emotionally, mentally, whatever she needed. Don’t say ki main sab karta tha. No body gives you the f**king right to slap a girl”

This actually brought up another video where a female contestant had bragged about hitting a guy while she was in a relationship with him. The reaction of the judges to her revelation was extremely different to what they showed the guy. 

One of the judges, Prince, even asked if she enjoyed after hitting her boyfriend and the woman replied that yes she did enjoy.

Neha Dhupai’s name itself went viral with more than 30,000 tweets to it. Along with this, her co-judge Nikhil Chinapa also got a lot of attention for his over the top reaction to the guy. 

In the video Nikhil exclaimed that, “Who the f***k are you to expect anything from anyone? Who the f***k are you to expect f***king loyalty even from your own pet dog?”

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Instantly people started to target Neha Dhupia for being a fake feminist and asked that the show be boycotted.

Some people also called out Nikhil Chinapa for his unnecessarily crass words:

Frankly, I don’t support the guy hitting the girl no matter what. Violence of any kind, be it from a man or a woman, is never a good thing, and should especially not be something that is bragged about on national television. 

However, this type of hypocrisy is also not good, where a woman hitting a man is being celebrated while if a man hits a woman, given the context is something that he is abused and vilified for. It must also be taken into consideration that the man giving the audition had also admitted that he regretted his actions and was being impulsive in that moment. 

I’m just thinking if a woman had declared on such a public level that she slapped a guy who was cheating on her. I can just imagine the ‘bravos’, claps and words of praise she would receive. She would be taken on a symbol of ‘girl power’ and instantly be loved by all. 

However, a man doing the same is being called inadequate and that the girl cheating must be his own fault, letting the other partner get away with her actions scot-free.

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Sources: NDTV, India TV News

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