By Kriti Rana

We live in the twenty-first century. One of the highlights of this century is that everyone wants to be unconventional, or a rebel. It is what defines our time, some say. However, being a rebel is not something unique to our time. Rebels have existed before us and will always continue to exist.

What is new, however, is the fact that nowadays not only is the tag ‘cool’ attached to being a rebel but that people try out rebellion in every aspect of their life. Rebellion is often confused with being bold and liberated and is often considered a pre-requisite for being considered cool or worthy. Here’s what I think of it,

Being a rebel is not always bad

Just to be clear, I am not propagating that everyone should live of convention, in the mainstream. It is essential to do something different. What I am against is the idea that if you rebel in every possible way, you will be considered cool. Going against the tide for something that you really want to do is completely fine but going against the tide just for the sake of looking ‘cool’ is not. It is completely okay to have your own set of ideas and rules as long as it doesn’t come at the cost of others.

Unnecessary rebellion is a problem

One more problem here is that ‘going against the tide’ and being a ‘rebel’ is not feasible in every environment. For instance, if you work in the corporate sector, then you have to abide by certain norms. However, if one ‘rebels’ and does not conform to these sets of norms, then not only does it adversely affect the person in point but also has adverse effects on the smooth functioning of the work environment as a whole.

Rebellion just for the sake of rebellion

Rebellion just for the sake of becoming a ‘rebel’ and looking ‘cool’ is not just inconvenient for the larger population, but it also becomes a fruitless exercise because it has the exact opposite effects. Why does it have the opposite effects? The answer is simple. When you go against the tide for something that holds a lot of importance to you and doesn’t go against the interest of others, it is appreciated and you get support for pursuing what you believe in. But when you rebel just for the sake of rebellion with no valid reason other than the fact that it appears cool, something which is a problem with today’s millennial population, you disrupt the harmony of a work environment by rebelling against the very norms that were meant to make everything function smoothly and for the convenience of everyone.

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The rebellious generation

Being a rebel or a voice of change is okay when it is needed. But the problem with this generation is that it wants to do everything according to their whims and fancies, not realizing that this is not always possible and when it doesn’t happen, they rebel. Certain situations, such as a work environment, require you to follow certain norms. These norms are not impositions but a way to make sure that the tasks are carried out smoothly and to create a productive work environment. When one becomes a rebel in such a situations then it becomes inconvenient for everyone involved.

To sum it up, being a rebel when it matters and is needed is a good thing, but being a rebel just for the sake of rebellion and to appear cool is a futile exercise and definitely not cool.  

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