What do you do when you want to buy something? Go to a retail store or simply check it out online? Most of us belong to the second category. With the technology boom, we are facing right now, shopping online is the best bet for all the lazy souls and if we could save money while shopping online, what more could we ask for right?

However, when we shop from a retail store, we mostly do it when they come up with all sorts of flashy sales and when we shop from a common marketplace like Sarojini Nagar, we resolve to hard-core bargaining to save some bucks.

But, we obviously can’t bargain on online shopping portals.

So, I have compiled some awesome (tried and tested) ways in which you can always save money while shopping online!

  1. Swear by Coupons

When you are on the lookout for an attractive discount on that beautiful dress or sexy shirt that you are dying to buy, on your favorite brand’s online portal, coupon codes are your go-to!

I know we don’t always have a coupon whenever we want to buy something from a specific e-commerce website.

But, hear me out.

For all those who aren’t aware of it, there are various websites which are solely dedicated to compiling coupons of popular retailers. You just need to go to such a website and search for the product you wish to purchase and lo behold! You will have many coupon codes to choose from and ensure that you save a great deal.

Believe me, coupon codes are your best bets to save money while shopping online.

Here are some useful websites you can get coupons from:

  • MyTokri- MyTokri.com is one of the top coupon sites in India which offers India’s online shoppers with not just exciting coupons but also other deals and offers which can make any shopping enthusiast go mad!

You can simply go to its website or download its mobile app and search for the product you wish to buy. MyTokri will provide you not just with awesome coupons over the product but also reviews from various customers will help you make a sound purchase.

Save money while shopping online
MyTokri website: you can easily find coupons and deals

Not only this, it offers a unique feature which allows its users to place bids on multiple products. Basically, you can select any product you wish to bid on and quote a price as low as 20 paise for the product. There is a timer set on the screen and if the price quoted over the product doesn’t change till the timer is off, the product will be yours at the price that you just quoted! Isn’t it cool? It allows customers to buy the product they want at the price they want.

Save money while shopping online
MyTokri: They keep giving out interesting offers
  • CouponRaja- CouponRaja provides coupons on a large range of products from an even wider range of e-commerce websites.
Save money while shopping online
CouponRaja mobile app makes it easy to find coupons
  • GrabOn- Grabon is another major discount coupon website in India that has a tie-up with 1000+ retailers. It provides interesting deals and discounts on a daily basis with always something new to look out for.
Save money while shopping online
Grabon is another app which gives out coupon codes!

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  1. Be Smart and Use Price-Comparison Strategy

When you come across that perfect outfit for the upcoming party or that mobile phone you were vying for, don’t be impulsive and buy it from the first website you go to if you wish to save money while shopping online.

Patience is a virtue here, my friend.

Compare the prices of the particular product on various e-commerce portals and then make an informed decision on what price to pay for it.

No, it is not cumbersome at all.

There are many price comparison apps which search the web for better deals on the product you wish to buy. You just need to download one of the apps and it will do the work for you whenever you are shopping online!

Some price-comparison apps for you:

  • Google’s own extension Honey- Honey, an extension of Google Chrome, helps you get the best deals on whatever products you wish to buy online without making you extensively search for coupon codes. Simply install this extension and whenever you shop online on any e-commerce website, click on the Honey button and instantly see all the coupons and sales available for that brand or store.

While checking out, click on the Honey button and the required coupon codes will automatically apply to your shopping cart!

  • MySmartPrice: This app helps you compare the prices and deals offered by online shopping portals on a variety of products ranging from electronic appliances to mobile phones.

Likewise, you can search for other good price-comparing websites which offer such services.

Save money while shopping online
MySmartPrice makes it super easy for you to compare prices on the spot
  1. Stack Your Cart but Don’t Just Buy Yet

This hack is something I personally use when I want to shop online but my pocket says otherwise.

Whenever I am shopping online for something, I add the needed stuff to my cart or my favorite’s list and close the window without logging out.

A day or two later, I get emails from that particular retailer saying that they have noticed I haven’t purchased the items I liked. So, in order to help me make up my mind, they offer me 10-20 percent off on that particular product.

You see?

Add items to your cart which you wish to buy. Give a day or two. They would do anything to entice you into buying the thing you want!

  • Utilize your stalking skills- Social media works wonders in every area nowadays. Every big and popular retail outlet has an active presence on various social media platforms. Just follow your favorite brands on Facebook, Instagram etc and keep an eye out for the deals they give out on a weekly and monthly basis.
Save money while shopping online
Forever21 gives out flashy offers to customers on their facebook page
  • Subscribe subscribe subscribe!

It is common knowledge that subscription to an online retail outlet comes very handy to get notifications on upcoming offers given out by them. But sometimes, you tend to miss out on important emails due to these notifications.

What you can do is create a separate account solely for receiving retail newsletters and deals. This way you can keep a track on the discounts offered by the brands easily.

So, there you go.

Keep the above mentioned things in mind and you will surely be able to save money while shopping online. Because as they say, “Paise ped pe nahi ugte”.

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