Vir Das Is Back With A Different Style Of Comedy ‘PotCast’; Witty Biting ‘Shitty’ Satire


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Potcast. Yes, that is right, it is called Potcast, and this piece of satire is done by veteran stand-up comedian and actor, Vir Das. Vir Das is a familiar figure to any lay person due to his idiosyncratic performances in stand-up comedy scene and movies like Go Goa Gone and Shadi Ke Side Effects.

The show would be a quirky, satirical take on the contemporary issues that is making news and an offbeat take on it. Vir Das has quite a lot of followers online and this Potcast idea of his is making sense though he accepts that he is not making an official serious statement.

Satire is about puncturing the inflated balloons and making a point to see through what is the bloating hullabaloo.

To be plain, comedians are those people who have the audacity to point out what is wrong with our viewpoints though they say it is just good humour. Our newsroom chat shows, newspapers legal court rooms, arm chair intelligentsia and police stations- every platform that should give facts and objective information that holds a mirror to the society is at the verge of disappointing the society.

It is turning to into partial and subjective viewpoints that provide entertainment and a voyeuristic pleasure which in turn corrupts the lay man and leads to a disillusionment. At this point, the comics of our country is doing a great job, emerging into the scenario and pointing out the vital issues that question the non-sense of our sensibility with their jokes.

At the end, after laughing at their jokes, we would be wondering how hypocritical the society has become. The stand-up comedians and comics in India is trying to budge the obstinate and proud Indian attitude who thinks they are perfect, to make a little space for the many issues they are ignoring.


It has been over a month since Vir Das came up with Potcasts, and it gets better and better with every episode. You can see Vir reading news in a washroom and discussing how ridiculous they sound with his humour and research on the questions.

Well, some have pointed that he is against some parties but his ideas seem genuine and sans a promotion of any particular opinion.  Watch it people, it is worth your time, you could do with a few laughs and deep thought.

Though he says he is talking shit, it is not just about a lol max, there is so much more.


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