Updated NCERT Books And More Changes Suggested By HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar

The school system in India is severely lacking in many different sectors, be it the education imparted,  the faculty, the infrastructure and even the general attitude in most schools.

And it is not like the private schools are any better as they too have their own moments of being quite incompetent.

However, as per reports, while inaugurating the North Eastern Region workshop on ‘Innovations and Best Practices in School Education,’ the HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar proposed a variety of changes to the Indian education system that could prove to be beneficial to the country.

The changes suggested, where a couple look good and even high time coming, the rest would need excellent implementation and careful supervision so that things don’t go wrong.

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One of the best changes that were proposed was the updating of NCERT books, where others suggested were detainment in the same class, the return of class 10 boards and a few others.


Finally, NCERT Can Leave The Ancient World

Yes, one of the updates suggested by Javadekar was to finally acknowledge that NCERT needs to be updated.

NCERT have been waiting for their chance to finally get an update since the last 10 years. A lot about our world, our society, the way we do and learn stuff has changed in the last decade. It would be for the best if that change showed up in new NCERT books.

However, according to reports, the HRD minister has asked for suggestions on what changes should be made to the books even including particular paragraphs from practically everyone, including parents, teachers stakeholders and more.

This could prove the updating of books difficult as different regions have different cultures in India and some might even want to put in regressive and outdated stuff in the books.

What Else, Apart From NCERT?

Aside from the NCERT textbooks being updated, the HRD minister has also proposed a detainment system, wherein a student will be given 2 opportunities to pass the exam, one that is held in March and the 2nd one being in June.

As per reports, if the student fails the examination, they will be detained in the same class. This decision has been taken due to many states saying that the lack of examinations was making it difficult to improve the quality of education.

Also, the class 10th board exams have been reinstated and have been once again made compulsory for students to give.

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