U.P. vs Delhi: What Things Do You Notice When You Live In U.P. & Travel To Delhi

U.P. vs Delhi

What things do you notice when you live in U.P. and travel to Delhi or vice versa?

U.P. and Delhi are situated next to each other but the ideological difference is huge. I have lived both in Delhi and in many cities of U.P. This is what I think after juxtaposing both the states.

Tobacco Fever


Both in Delhi and U.P. there is a “high” consumption of tobacco. In Delhi, you will find n number of people smoking cigarettes anywhere, whereas, in U.P. you’ll have no difficulty in finding a stain of red spat on a nearby wall. Clearly, Delhites believe in causing air pollution while UPites believe in painting the town red with their chewing tobacco.

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Bus Lane? What’s that?

In Delhi, roads have a separate bus lane and it will only stop at bus stops. But U.P. is not so sophisticated. It’s simple. If you want to board a local bus you simply wave your hand towards the driver and voila, there’s your bus. Doesn’t matter if it is in the middle of the road. We UPites believe in “Customer comes first”.

Youth Kahan hai!

While in U.P. you’ll find a lot of middle aged to old aged men travelling with briefcases and office bags to work, in Delhi it is the opposite. As if the youth has been extracted from U.P. and transported to Delhi. Young people in sophisticated dresses and bags are seen travelling to office at any time of day.

There are ACTUAL Roads in Delhi

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The foremost shock which a UPite suffers is at the sight of roads. Let’s just accept that U.P. DOES NOT HAVE ROADS. From the perspective of a UPite, roads in Delhi are so well maintained and huge that even dogs refuse to poop on it.

Money, Money

In Delhi, everything has a price. From car parking to samosa, everything gets expensive once you cross the border and enter Delhi. The only cheap service in Delhi is the metro. The price of metro service is somewhat similar to the price of tempo service in U.P.

However, it is fun to live in both the states as one should always witness the cultural and social difference of your neighbour.

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