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Duryodhan is one character from Mahabharata that even people with no interest in mythology know of. Same goes for Hitler, even someone with zilch interest in history or world politics is aware of the name.

There goes the first point of similarity, evil minds that masses are aware of.

Duryodhan 1
Duryodhan v/s Hitler

This might seem absurd to you but I have read articles and discussion threads of Indian babas and gurus giving insights into how Hitler was a reincarnation of Duryodhan. So much that it got me thinking on how the two are unusually similar!

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Both Hitler and Duryodhan were destroyed by their enmity and jealousy for others. While Duryodhan wished nothing but worst for the Pandavas, same was the case with Hitler for Jews. Hitler wanted the Jews to perish into thin air.

Even Duryodhan’s frown is similar to that of Hitler in the graphic above.

Also, another point of similarity is how both of them felt that in order to grow in power, they need to suppress others. Duryodhan’s greed for power made him suppress Pandavas.

Hitler’s foolishness of imagining himself to be some sort of a superior and his fondness to gain control made him oblivious to human emotions and senses.

Some people even point out the reverse Swastika on flags in Hitler’s regime. According to all Hindu mythology stories, Swastika is the holy symbol for Hindus. Uncanny, or not?

Last but definitely not the least, is their story of destruction. Both Hitler and Duryodhan are considered to be men of destruction. All their life they caused so much destruction that in the end, both of them succumbed to the consequences of that destruction.

While Duryodhan was killed, Hitler committed suicide when he knew his regime was nearing an end.

Just Hitler being his evil self

Interestingly though, historians believe that both of them could have adopted strategies which could have made them victorious in their respective wars. But the common denominator: envy brought them to an end.

Here’s to the devils who earned themselves a name in the their own evil and destructive way!

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