Sonam Kapoor just married in a typical Big Fat Indian Wedding manner and practically the entire Bollywood came at her events ending with a glittering and star-studded reception.

A lot of videos and images were revealed from that night showing the whos-who of Bollywood drinking, dancing, singing and generally having a good time.

In the midst of all this, the paparazzi that was stationed outside the venue was having their own party with many of them getting good shots of the celebs while posing, mingling with each other and more.

However, one such video that caught my attention was of Chunky Pandey hugging a relative of Sonam Kapoor.

To clarify though, it wasn’t the people mentioned that stole the show, but instead, it was the paparazzi and their rude, crass, vulgar and lewd comments directed at Pandey and the woman while they were hugging that was just disgusting.

What Exactly Happened

Sonam Kapoor wedding reception was a lavish one with hordes of paparazzi by the entrance gate where the celebrities while entering the venue would pose and get some photos clicked.

Chunky Pandey was also at the venue and was seen greeting and hugging one of the other people rather, most probably Sonam’s relative.

When he caught the eye of the paparazzi first, they addressed him only in a mocking manner by saying ‘sabse bad aa gaya ae bhai’.

And then while he hugged the 2 women he was interacting with it was then that the paparazzi started hollering and shouting vulgar comments like,

‘arey mast shakal’

‘bhai chodna mat’

‘bhai chodega nai, chodega nai’

‘arey mat yaar, chodega nai‘

Then they followed it up with loud ‘ooohhs’ and even went so far as to make kissing noises. The way they were making the comments was as if they were watching porn.

Extremely crass and vulgar behaviour and very well shows the paparazzi mentality.

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Paparazzi Mentality

But to be honest, this is nothing new as this is the very definition of being a paparazzi and getting a reaction is part of the job.

Paparazzi are popular to be extremely inappropriate and crass where they will say anything and ask anything in hopes of getting a reaction from the celebrity in question since that is how they earn their living.

It is very intentional on their part and the best thing they can do is get the public personality to lose their cool since that means instant fame for the paparazzi and loads of money which they can get by selling that footage to the highest bidding media channel.

Frankly, the media industry does not like to think of paparazzi as part of it even if they get half of their viewership and audience from material that these very people have gotten them.

Instead, they are considered like that cousin or black sheep sibling whom while you happily bash in public and hide away from the common eye but get all the dirty work done from.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: YouTube, The Scotsman 

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