The election time is coming near and supporters of both current PM Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi of Congress and Prime Minister candidate are rising up.

While most of the time, these two sides meet online in a battle of words, trying to put the other down and what not, this interesting Facebook post showed that there can be another side to this too.

Reasons to vote for mudiji Bhaiya Meme Sena / Anjaneya Sharma

Bhaiya Meme Sena यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, २८ जानेवारी, २०१९

It was the story in the post that really caught my attention and apparently after research various other’s too, considering the trolling the original tweet within this post got.

While the story is really not that new or unique, several people have met online and then gone on to being in a relationship or even getting married, but perhaps it was the line, “We married because of you @narendra Modi ji” giving full credits to PM Modi that really attracted the attention of people online.

Who Is This Couple?

HuffPost India reached out to the couple and as per their report the couple comes from Jamnagar area in Gujarat.

The original poster, Jay Dave is reportedly a professional translator and ardent Narendra Modi and BJP supporter as you can see from a simple scroll through his Twitter profile.

On Monday, he posted on his Twitter handle @TheJayDave this post:

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The post featured him and his wife Alpika both wearing official NaMo merchandise, a saffron colour t-shirt that says ‘NaMo Again’

The tweet recounted how him and his wife met when Alpika liked a comment of Dave’s that showed his support for Modi on one of Rahul Gandhi’s post on his Facebook page. 

As per HuffPost, Dave stated that, “We got married on December 31 last year. My wife Alpika is a fashion designer. We had a traditional marriage and our families were part of the event.” 

The couple met and decided that they both had similar goals in mind which was “live for India, so we decided to do it together”.

It seems that the couple got married after they found that they shared similar political thinking and as per Dave, “We both want to do something for the country and that was the common goal that connected us.” 

However, this simple tweet soon went viral with hundreds of people interacting with it or retweeting it, most of them just trolling the user.

Besides trolling from social media users, people are also commenting how it is just a gimmick by politicians and asking the couple to provide proof of their marriage.

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Sources: Twitter, HuffPost India 

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