By Chirali Sharma

sir john cc LGBT History month

Disclaimer-I don’t’ mean to offend anyone, and if anyone is disturbed by this topic, please, do not read ahead.

The recent events concerning the LGBT community, have shocked me. The ruling by the Supreme Court and the news of the anti-gay laws in Russia have shown how narrow-minded people can be. The articles and videos that I saw of how much worse it is in Russia and how cruel human beings can be, is horrifying in that it shows the depth of cruelty a man can go to. But, in the countless debates and news spread about this topic, I have always been a bit miffed by the use of the word “they” for homosexuals. I mean, what is their point? Are homosexuals a different species? Are they not similar to any other “common” being?

What? What is it about homosexuals, that we even have to talk about equality.  They are made of the same basic parts that  heterosexuals are.

I believe that being a heterosexual is considered normal, because of the reproduction aspect. The only way humans can reproduce is if the people of the opposite gender come together. That is why a relationship between a man and a woman is considered normal and the norm, because that way only, can they keep their species from going extinct. But that does not mean that since the beginning of time, the presence of homosexuals was not there. Homosexuals have been as much a part of society as heterosexuals.

And the truth is, the genes of homosexuality and heterosexuality exist in every single person But which gene takes control, later on after puberty, forms our eventual sexuality. But, my point here is, that there should be no reason, as to their segregation. They are normal people. There is nothing unnatural about them. Then why do we always use “they” and “we” when in conversation of such a topic. The first step is to put away this ‘they’ and ‘we’.

I believe that as soon as we start including homosexuals in our ‘we’, that day they will be truly equal. This poem is a small attempt at putting my point across to people.






Just words,

Yet for some,

They are their


Their whole being,

Is defined by

These words.

And for what?

For just being themselves!

For not adhering

To society’s version of



‘Those’ people

‘We’ people or the normal ones!

Why the distinction?

Why the separation?

They are not a different


That we use

‘they’ and ‘we’.

Are they not human?

Do they not bleed

Like we do?

Do they not hurt

Like we do?

Do they not love

Like we do?

Then why put them

In a different category!


They are normal.

Nothing is wrong.

Nothing is,


Accept them,

For who they are

Accept them as equal.

We are

One and the same.

Who they love

Should not,

Matter so much.



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