The Satanic Temple Inaugurated Its International Headquarters At Salem

An American activist group, The Satanic Temple, has inaugurated and commenced operations at its international headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts on 23rd September. The activist group though ‘satanic’ does not justify its name through its work but is a classic example of how one must speak in the tongue of another, to ensure proper communication.

The Satanic Temple

The organization is like a teenager – a rebel, and that pretty much sums up their mission. They question religion and its crude and unjustified practices.   They do not engage themselves in meaningless situations, and do not aim at creating chaos, but promote empathy, kindness, and cull autocratic authorities.


To them, the word ‘Satan’ is like a metaphor to the apparent ‘Angels’ in the society. Unlike what we have been taught, The Satanic Temple supports aspects of society that in some way or the other have lost their essence. The satanic ‘religion’ abides by a set of tenets which mainly concentrate on one’s freedom, body, rectifying mistakes and most importantly in promoting compassion, wisdom, and justice.

The organization also runs chapters across borders and is open for the general public to support and join their movement.

The Headquarters At Salem

An old Victorian style building, constructed in 1882 and earlier used as a funeral home, is now The Satanic Temple’s international headquarters. The irony of this headquarters is that it is situated in Salem, a town that is known to have executed people because of alleged ties with Satan. Surprisingly enough, the local government and most importantly the people have been very supportive in the installation of the headquarters.

The headquarters hosts a seven-and-a-half foot tall bronze statue of Baphomet – a mysterious, goat-headed figure that is related to anything and everything that pertains to Satanism. Apart from this, the headquarters will also be open to the public as Salem Art Gallery and will be dedicated to ‘Satanic Panic’ which will include featured work of acclaimed artists, limited edition photographs, and historic exhibits. It will also serve a media room where regular conferences, seminars, and even film screenings will be organized.


Even though the organization is condemned by many, it manages to gain support by the valid and often overlooked issues that it brings to light. For example, its ‘After School Satan’ campaign focuses on creating an open forum for children to engage in discussions and question everything from fear of Hell to the wrath of God, and such discourses are completely legal.

The organization’s mission to promote benevolence and rationalism is a good mix of aspects that tend to slip off the human brain, especially when it comes to questioning and reasoning the practices of a religion. Not everybody appreciates it, but this wave is sure to sweep the mass around the world, creating rational rebels at every point.

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