It is not every day you get to witness the top B-schools, training the future managers of our nation engaging in an ultimate faceoff to see who will emerge victorious. Well, Sangharsh is one occasion that does the same for you.

A much awaited event, it is a platform wherein the top 4 IIMs: IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta and IIM Lucknow showcase their passion for sports and prove their mettle.

What started with a sports competition between Ahmedabad and Bangalore soon paved the way for Calcutta and consequently Lucknow to join in and gear up for the roller-coaster of a ride.

This year, Sangharsh 2019 will be organised by IIM Lucknow, or what students fondly call it: Hell. As the temperature plunges sharply in Lucknow, the heat of excitement is rising and in a way that will leave none unscathed.

The highlight of this year’s event is that it would be inaugurated by the famous Mr Praveen Kumar, former Indian Cricketer. Last year, IIM Calcutta emerged victorious and took the trophy home, and there is a keen sense of anticipation as to who will be the winner this time.

Students get to showcase their talent in Badminton, Throwball, Chess, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, etc, to name a few sports.

The Sports Committee of the respective IIMs are responsible for planning and executing the entire event, right from planning the events, to engaging in hospitality of the other teams, and garnering sponsorship.

IIM Lucknow boasts of excellent sports infrastructure, evident in the form of badminton, lawn tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, a well-equipped gymnasium and a massive swimming pool, among other facilities.

Sports is widely encouraged at IIMs which are famous for having Inter-Section sports wars, and also inter-college events like Manfest-Varchasva, which garners participation from colleges throughout the country.

As the biggest inter-IIM sporting event draws closer, the sense of excitement is palpable in the air, translating into action, which can be witnessed by teams gearing up for the big day.

Fiery ambition coupled with relentless determination has always been a lethal combination and what with 4 institutes, 15 events, more than 700 players and 1400 viewers, it is much evident that healthy competition laced with tons of fun is in store!

As all eyes turn to Lucknow, for an eventful 3 days, all we can say is may the best team emerge victorious!

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