When Looking at Taj Mahal Compels You To Click Its Different Views: A Picture Story

The word Taj Mahal makes every Indian proud as today it is something that places us on the world map. The white beauty is truly one of the most magnificent monuments which amazes everybody around the world.

Here I’ve tried to capture the essence of Taj through the different views in which a tourist looks at it.

1. Through the Gateway:

The first look you get of Taj is through the huge entrance gateway. In that complete darkness the only light you see is of Taj that makes it glow.


2. In a Child’s Hand:

This has been the most popular monument pose since a long time and now it has become a iconic photograph that everybody has to take once they go to a pointed monument.


3. The First Look:

When you walk past all the fountains and the central stage you finally see the complete view of Taj without any distractions. This is when you see the beauty that the Taj Mahal is.


4. On the Night of Purnima (Full Moon) :

The best time to see the Taj is on a Purnima night because it is then when the Taj is in its best form. The light makes the Taj glow and the silhouette shines in the bright night.


 5. Taj as a Kingdom in the Clouds:

This view of Taj is seen from the Agra Fort, from a point where Shah Jahan was captured, and he used to admire the beauty of Taj from this point. Since it was foggy it appears like Taj is resting on clouds and because of its white shine it looks like a castle in heaven.


Taj Mahal maybe is the most photographed monument in India but with every click it shows a different form and feeling.


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