Smart shopping: Get the most out of sales

stock-footage-woman-looking-at-shop-window-with-sales-promotionBy Anubhuti Arya

Whether in India or abroad, almost every fashion store’s banners are screaming “SALE”, and are attracting customers like never before! So what are these sales exactly, and how can you make the best out of them? Read on to find out!

The fashion industry has two major seasons, spring/summer and autumn/winter. Every season has its own trends, and before a particular season begins, these trends are most in demand and are priced high. Towards the end of the season , all fashion brands announce end of season sales to clear out all the apparels which are no longer going to be very much in demand. These apparels are priced low because they are going down on the trend chart. Of course, these sales provide the perfect opportunity for us to buy wonderful dresses, without burning a hole in our pockets. But before these stores lure you into buying a very expensive dress, that has been marked down to a reasonably affordable price, stop to think whether the investment you are about to make is worth it. Say, you have been wanting to flaunt the neon trend for sometime now, and you spot the perfect pair of neon pumps at a store. And it is on sale too!!! Most of us would buy it, happy with the bargain. But around six months after buying these shoes, neon will probably go totally out of fashion. Remember, you bought it at an end of season sale, when the trend was already getting old? Trend based sale shopping often results in frustration , because what you buy quickly goes out of style.

Thus it is important that we shop smart during sales. Resist the temptation of buying the hottest trends, instead chose classic, evergreen pieces that will never go out of style like the LBD or a pair of jeans. This is a real bargain because you pay less for something that you will use for a pretty long time. For trend based shopping, reserve the non-sale times, when you can shop for new and upcoming trends. Yes, it may not be as cheap as it will be during the sale, but you will have made a good investment as you can wear this new trends through the next season when they will be the hottest thing ever. By the end of the season, when the trend starts declining, you will have worn it many times and got its money’s worth out of it! It’s a win win situation for the buyer!

So, next time you go sale shopping, be the expert and shop better.


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