Short Films – The Mini Bollywood That Makes Sense

Shirish Kunder just came up with a brilliant psychological thriller (hard to believe right? I know!) titled Kriti. It is a short film starring Manoj Bajpayee, Radhika Apte (brownie points for these two) and Neha Sharma. Now isn’t that a lethal combination?

Right from the unusual camera angles to sudden flashes of Bajpai’s imagination that make your heart skip a beat, add to the eerie atmosphere of the film. Kriti, Kalpana, Sapan, Rachna and Srijan are the names you encounter for a reason! Find out the commonality between the names and you will know.

Watch it here!

Short films are the new entertainment these days. YouTube is flooded with such content.

They provide a respite from the regular Bollywood masala that we are exposed to and cater to a plethora of genres like thriller, horror, comedy, drama or a social message. A lot of them have unexpected and sudden endings.

Unlike usual Hindi cinema, you would barely see a ‘Happy ending’. The ends are deliberately left untied in some films while maintaining the beauty of the story, and giving us some food for thought.

Not saying that Bollywood doesn’t provide meaningful content. It does, but only once in a while! They are nothing like the formula films with a one rich boy-one poor girl falling in love. So when you are bored with being fed the same stories in different settings, short films come to your rescue to fill those gaps.


So here is a list of such movies that take you through an interesting ride of feelings and leave your mind boggled!

  1. That day after every day – This is a mini revolution turned into a film by Anurag Kashyap. It is just another day in the mundane life of the woman (played by Radhika Apte) where she is told (by her husband) to be careful when she goes out, not make an eye-contact with eve-teasers and that “Chowmein causes rape”. And since she is a working woman, her husband even advises her to find something that allows her to work from home, so she doesn’t have to step out. She takes it without uttering a single word (while cooking for him). She leaves home after that along with two of her other friends who deal with similar problems in their lives.
    Their battles just begin at home. They step out and are harassed by vagabonds, both in their locality and public transport.But one fine day they learn that the power they seek is not far away from them. It lies within. So they go ahead. Punch hard (quite literally). This is how the change will come about on the day after every day.
    This short film is probably the inspiration women have been waiting for from so long.
  2. Ahalya – This movie directed by Sujoy Ghosh picks up from the Ramayana’s story about Gautam Rishi and his wife Ahalya. But the modern version adds a twist to the tale and builds a nail-biting narrative. Inspector Indra comes to solve a murder mystery but Gautam adds to his confusions. Does he come to know who is the murderer? You want to know what happens to Indra in the end!
    Wait! I really shouldn’t let the cat out of the bag. Watch the suspense thriller yourself to see what unfurls!
  3. That Sunday – This might be a quite controversial concept. A woman was raped. Years later her husband comes to know about it. God knows why, but she apologizes for what happened. It deals with a concept that people are uncomfortable with, but it courageously shows that reality can be way darker and uglier.
    But this story is not that simple as it seems. A very intriguing story that keeps you hooked to it and the climax is totally unexpected.
  4. The Break Up- A very heartwarming video of two best friends that touches upon the thin line of friendship and love between a boy and a girl. They pull each other’s legs, are the go-to person for each other and stick around when needed.
    The language used is exactly the way two best friends converse. It deals with some latent emotions portrayed beautifully by the actors.
    While helping his best friend overcome his break up, they get into a slightly dangerous conversation which might change the dynamics of their relationship forever. Watch the video to find out what happens in the end. You will indeed relate to it!
  5. Arranged Marriage – It is possible that people might not like the characters so much, but that is what is interesting. These are not sugar-coated bubbly characters like the ones found in Bollywood who are easily likable being goody-good all the way. You may or may not identify with them, might know someone who is exactly like them or may hate them to the core. But that’s what adds the tinge of reality to it.
    Moreover, it presents the concept of arranged marriage in an altogether different light which is refreshing. I loved it because thankfully for the first time it is not a face-off between love v/s arrange marriage as both have their pros and cons and both may or may not work.
    You must watch this if you are looking for a light and new content.

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