SexED: ED Explains Pre-Marital Sex, Taboos And Society Through These Simple Posters

According to the ancient cultures and ever present patriarchal mindset of the Indian society, sex is something which is pure and uncontaminated and can only be done after a person is married. And people who choose to become a part of pre-marital sex are, well, sinners.

It is believed that waiting to have sex before marriage is a sign of self-respect and good morals and people who partake in pre-marital sex are immature and lack self-control.

With great population come even greater perspectives.

So here we present you with posters on how the society views premarital sex.

According to the society, married couples have lesser chances of getting pregnant than the ones who indulge in premarital sex:


Society gets to know that he’s got a Sexually Transmitted Disease! Let us ignore all the knowledge from our SEX ED class and forget that STD’s aren’t always transmitted through sex:



Studying physics and maths is important. But sexual education?……*Awkward!*:



As if a backward society wasn’t already enough, did you know that according to Madras High Court, if any unmarried couple of the right legal age “indulge in sexual gratification,” this will be considered a valid marriage and they could be termed “husband and wife?”:




Planning to rent a place? How about fake being married first? Because aunties and uncle only want married couples christening their house:





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Poster Credits: Harshita Sharma and Abhinav Jain


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