Review of Reviews: Top 5 Funny Movie Reviews Ever

Are you unemployed? Can’t find the right job? We have a job for you…Review Movies!!

Yes, in this social media era, every next person is reviewing films. Some tickle your funny bone, while some are a pain. But the web’s flooded with thousands of reviews the day any film is released. Critics are no more the only people who can make or break the film, the internet public is now snatching the space of Film Critics.

Here are some unmissable reviews of movies you have to see:

  1. KRK reviews Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

‘Zahir si baat hai’, KRK can never stop to amuse on the stupidity front. Only a patient one can watch the whole review. When will he learn that movie business is NOT for him (angry emoticon).

2. Review Jockey- Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Short and funny review of the latest flick, Tanu Weds Manu Returns. Review Jockey has come a long way from uploading long videos to short ones. Clearly stating the good and the bad in the film, without being a spoiler, this one is sure to make you laugh.

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3. Pretentious Reviews – Pyar Ka Devta

The best movie in the “WORLD”- Pyar Ka Devta. Kanan and Biswa had the courage to watch a film like Pyar Ka Devta and make a comical review of it! Hats Off. Just watch the review and you will know what I’m saying.

4. Bombay Velvet by Shudh Desi Endings (SDE)

Did you ever know Mathematics could be interesting too! SDE uses basic maths to prove the public verdict of Bombay Velvet. Go buy yourself a Red Velvet Cupcake and save yourself from the ill-woven fabric – Bombay Velvet.

5. Pretentious Reviews – Prem Aggan

Most Exercise Ever as Pretentious Reviews calls it. The funniest review ever of a film which might have gone unnoticed if not for this one by Kanan and Biswa. ‘Oh yeah’!

Tell us if we have missed any great/weird reviews floating online somewhere.

Keep Reviewing till then!

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