I have never used TikTok, Smule, Dubsmash, or any of those other apps that involve acting, singing or dubbing.

However they are HUGELY popular with most millennials, and I *can’t* log in to Instagram without being bombarded by videos of people mouthing various filmy dialogues and songs accompanied by self-choreographed dance steps.

The Uttarakhand Connect

I have noticed that a large number of the most popular TikTok users, whose followers number in the ten thousands and above, seem to belong to the state of Uttarakhand.

They are usually beautiful girls in their late teens or early twenties, expertly miming Bollywood songs and dialogues, along with the occasional Pahadi song as a tribute to their heritage.


Some of the more famous TikTokers from Uttarakhand are Akriti Rawat and Sanaya Ashu Arya, the Alia Bhatt lookalike who broke the Internet with her TikTok videos of Bhatt’s dialogues from Gully Boy. Her real name is Ashu Arya, but her nickname ‘Sanaya’ harks back to Bhatt’s first role in Bollywood- Shanaya Singhania in Student of the Year.

Left: Arya, Right: Bhatt

There is also a separate Instagram account called Uttarakhand TikTok which functions as a sort of album for TikTok users of the state, sharing their submissions.

The greenery and beautiful landscapes of Uttarakhand also add to the pull of the videos. With such exotic locales and beautiful faces, it’s no surprise that Uttarakhand TikTokers are reeling in views by the hundreds.

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Is TikTok Actually Useful?

However, the popularity of TikTok among the youth makes me wonder if it’s actually going to benefit them in any way.

The movie Bala recently portrayed Yami Gautam’s character, Pari Mishra, as a beautiful girl obsessed with TikTok.

Gautam in Bala

Thanks to her good looks and popularity on the app, she landed a modelling contract as the face of a fairness cream called ‘Pretty You.’

In one scene, she also emotionally tells Bala (portrayed by Ayushmann Khurrana) that all her success in life has been based on her good looks, implying that her good looks were what drew in followers on TikTok as well.

While some TikTok celebs do collaborations with small-time make-up brands, for most of them, it is just a place to share fun videos, and they may not actually derive any monetary benefit from it.

Express Yourself, But Have Your Own Identity Too

While I agree that apps like TikTok help people unleash their inner actor, what disturbs me is that most of the fame gained on this app is through imitating the scenes and dialogues of existing movies and actors.

I feel that while this must be a fun activity for users, they should also use their individuality to make a mark for themselves.

Whether your desired field is acting, singing, or even outside the world of entertainment, it is your individuality that is remembered as your legacy, and it would be best to focus on making a name for yourself in something you have pioneered.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Uttarakhand TikTok, Sanaya Ashu Arya, Akriti Rawat on Instagram

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