OverHeated, OverHyped and OverHere

Start of topic of discussion. Oprah Winfrey’s last show? Edward or Jacob? Lindsay Lohan’s drinking addiction. How many times do we come across topics which do not make sense? How many times do these topics actually create a difference in the very existence of our being?

Enough times to make us delete them from our mental hard disks.

How much can the food served at the Royal wedding matter to us?
How much can the food served at the Royal wedding matter to us?

It’s everybody’s mentality to overhype and overheat things which are very simple, basic and straightforward. Okay, Kate Middleton and Prince William got married. Well, congratulations to them but I seriously don’t get why was there such a big hue and cry over their wedding starting from Kate’s wedding dress to the food served at the reception? Let them get married in peace atleast. The Gangnam style! Wow, I admit it’s a great, crazy, wacky dance form which I, myself, particularly enjoy but there’s an end to everything. You can’t stretch anything forever. Charlie sheen’s career crashed, overrated to the level that it burnt into a spectacular light seen all over the world. Maybe we should time these collapses with Diwali. It’ll help us save up on expensive fireworks.

Think debate and discuss. No problem. But maybe it’s time to learn to put a full stop to such argument less issues. It’s time to look at the bigger picture. The time spent highlighting such points in hand can be used to do something productive. Imagine if we spend the time we spend in building up such issues, in doing something constructive, WE COULD REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO THE GDP. More growth, more development and more prosperity. Would anyone mind that? Adding spice to life is justified to the extent that it doesn’t make our brains a devil’s workshop.



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