Next Time Someone Gives You Shit About Partying In Morning, Just Say It’s To Stay Healthy

So apparently, a club called Daybreaker which is present in cities like San Francisco, New York, Tokyo and London is having a 3 hour party thrown in at the crack of dawn for health reasons.

And the thing is this is not just a publicity gimmick or something weird that westerners are unnecessarily giving the health tag to.

Instead this is a scientifically proven fact that working out early in the morning and on an empty stomach is more liable to keep you healthy and fit than working out later in the day.

So basically, the Daybreaker club co-founded by Radha Agarwal has these morning rave parties where people come in and have a good long dance party, but the one unique thing about these parties is that there are no drugs or alchohol involved in any way or form.

All the participants in this party are full sober and many even come wearing workout clothes, showing their intent very clearly.

stay healthy

So Basically What We All Have Been Hearing All Our Life

Wait wait… isn’t this exactly what we have been hearing all our lives whether it be from our moms, our PT teachers or even the occasional viewing of Baba Ramdev’s show.

Do tell me, am I wrong? Haven’t we heard this exact saying that rising up early, exercising and that too on an empty stomach is very important and in turn good for your health?

Anyways, now that the western side has accepted this fact, pretty soon it will be an enlightenment for many of us here in India too.

As if we were unaware of this important fact all our lives.

But on the other hand, this is might just be a good way to introduce healthy living for the young and club loving crowd of today.

stay healthy

Changing The Club Scene

The one thing that has impressed me about this club and their morning rave/workout party is the motive behind holding them in the first place.

Which Agarwal is quoted as saying that, “Our goal was to create a safe space where people could sweat and express themselves”. “We said let’s replace all the negative, dark stuff about nightclubs with light, positive stuff.”

Now, in this aspect I believe making a club into a place for working out and giving the parties a healthy spin would be a great way to get the party crowd excited about staying healthy and taking up a healthier option of beginning the day.

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