Time after time we see religions, cultures, practices and traditions make the kind of moves which worsen the already troubled status of women in the country and one such example among the Muslims is the Nikah Halala practice.

Now you might be wondering what more can Muslims do to torture and oppress their women, right?

Considering that modern-day interpretations (and not the original contexts) of Islam are looked down upon as inherently oppressive towards women, the practice of Nikah Halala outdoes the oppression in a gruesome manner.

So let’s examine what this practice is, starting from its semantic meaning how (and how not) it’s permissible and why it’s a degenerating practice for all the Muslim women around the world. Here goes:

#1. Nikah Halala simply translates into “lawful marriage”, with the word “Halala” meaning “lawful”.

#2. What does this practice ask of men and women?

Now, this is the most messed up part so brace yourselves:

Nikah Halala actually has a messed up premise, which basically states that a Muslim man can remarry the same woman twice but he can’t remarry the same woman if he divorces her for the 3rd time. Talk about 3rd time being a charm and you avail yourself the perfect irony.

But just to make matters worse, the Nikah Halala practice comes with a rather twisted and vehemently degenerate concept to allow the man to remarry the same woman for more than 3 times if the woman in question (after her 2 divorces) marries another man, consummates her marriage with him and then her current husband divorces her or he dies, making her “lawful” to be remarried to her previous husband.

Yeah, I’m not making this shit up as I go along.

Muslim Women Pay For Sex

#3. The Irony Of Its Existence And The Mockery Of Marriage And Its Sanctity

Where Islam preaches purity by establishing 3 marriages as a bar to make sure that the act of marriage and its sanctity aren’t mocked, Nikah Halala goes on to do the exact opposite by creating a diversion or a loophole to exploit women further, by letting men take advantage of women who are already deprived of justice in their household by their husbands.

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#4. The Horrors Of Nikah Halala In Our Country

It has been widely reported how Muslim scholars and “maulvis” in India are charging exorbitantly high amounts of cash for one night stands with women who are divorced from their husbands and are yet desperate enough to fix their broken marriages. What’s worse is that women are falling for these monsters who apparently are so-called clerics and scholars.

Cases of men losing their wives as a wager or a bet in a card game have also been reported where the winner asks for a one night stand with the loser’s wife so that she can be “won back” by him and then the winner proceeds to rape the wife, all with the permission of the losing husband.

The apparent scholars in question have apparently flaunted their prowess and authority over these helpless women, with some of them already having 2 wives, to begin with.

#5. Will There Ever Be An End To This?

A detailed analysis of this abhorrent practice might lead us to conquer some of the existing evils such as the “Triple Talaq” practice first and the other heinous practices under the name of Islam which make it come across as a virtually anti-women religion today but the fact that the accused men in the reports haven’t yet been put behind bars or investigated shows that the law enforcement is slow, as usual.

The mere fact that one could charge money for potentially raping a woman is enough to send chills down anybody’s spine and it’s about time the government acts on it and does something substantial and exemplary to make sure that it isn’t just Muslim but rather all women who are safeguarded from practices of this nature.

As citizens, we can only hope. But perhaps what’s worse is that hoping is literally what most of us are capable of doing.

But if you do see such practices prevalent among your surroundings, gather some balls and report it to the police. At least do your part, no matter how small or big it is.

Here’s to making sure that women feel safe. Not just one or two, but all of them.

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