Modi’s Israel Trip: 6 Relevant Things You Need To Know About It

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Israel trip has been all over the news in the past week providing vast information where much of it is irrelevant and sensationalised.

Let’s not deviate our minds and stick to what we need to know about the trip. Here are the relevant highlights from the India-Israel trip that you need to know.

  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel

It marked the 25th Anniversary of the India – Israel diplomatic relationship established in 1992. Since then, the relationship with Israel had been quietly built up and eventually made Israel the largest supplier of military and defence equipment to India.

  1. Criticisms were received by PM Narendra Modi for not visiting Ramallah

Ramallah in the West Banks is the seat for Palestinian Authority which is usual for world leaders to visit during Israel trip to balance the ties. It has been identified as a shift in the foreign policy which has been developed over the years which weakens India’s stand for the Palestinian cause.

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  1. As a part of the visit, both the countries signed 7 key agreements

These agreements were in various fields which included MoU for setting up India – Israel Industrial Research & Development and Technical Innovation Fund, MoU for water conservation and water utility reforms, MoU for India – Israel Agricultural development, Atomic Clocks, GEO – LEO Optical Link and Cooperation in electric propulsion for small satellites.

  1. The first meeting of CEO forum was held at Tel Aviv, Israel on 6th July, 2016

A brief outcome report was submitted to both the Prime Ministers for future economic engagements. 12 MoUs worth 4.3 Billion Dollars were signed among the Indian and Israeli companies in various sectors including roads, railways, civil aviation and traffic management systems, smart cities, renewable energies, water and environment, automotive, food, naval and aerospace industries and defence.

  1. The Rules for Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) were announced to be eased for people of Indian origin in Israel

The OCI cards were announced by the Prime Minister for Indian-origin persons who have completed compulsory military service in Israel. New flights from India to Israel were also announced to welcome Israelis to India.

  1. Talks were held between the Prime Ministers to address the concerns of Terrorism and radicalism

Both agreed on joining hands to do much more to protect the strategic interests and combat terror in West Asia and wider regions. Peace, dialogue and restraint were hoped by both the countries on the issue.

The West Asian region has been seeing various conflicts like civil wars in Yemen and Syria, handling and battling ISIS terror groups, and the conflict between Israel and Palestine itself.

This was the list of important things that happened during the trip.

Know only what you need to know.

(Feature Image Credits: Livemint)

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