…”Main Pehla Insaan Rahunga Jo Coal Ko Clean Energy Mein Convert Karunga”, PM Modi


PM Narendra Modi Sits Down With Letterman To Talk About Climate Change And A Green India

India has been taking many steps towards a brighter, clean energy future and PM Modi voiced his opinions and concerns with an interview with David Letterman. In the world of comedy and late night talk shows, David Letterman’s style has been unparalleled. The charming and former late night talk show host has since retired after hosting his show for more than 33 years on CBS. Now he is working on the National Geographic series Years of Living Dangerously.

The Interview

Climate change is one of the biggest problems that the whole world is presently dealing with and India is no different. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has voiced his concerns on climate change on numerous occasions and on Sunday, October 23, he sat down with Letterman and discussed his personal opinions and his government’s energy plans for the future. The interview will part of Letterman’s documentary series Years of Living Dangerously.

From the short previews that are presently available, it seems that the PM is clear on India’s stance towards a clean and green energy future and is working on ensuring that the growing concerns related to climate change are adequately handled. The PM added, “Duniya agar mujhe technological help kare, duniya humein resource de, toh main pehla insaan rahunga jo coal ko clean energy mein convert karunga. (If the world provided me with technological help, if the world provided me with the resources, then I would be the first person who will switch from coal to clean energy).”

Going Forward

There is no doubt that India is actively working on building a sustainable future and combating climate change is certainly on its priority list. I have no doubt that under the leadership of an enigmatic person like PM Narendra Modi, India can certainly lead the fight against global warming and climate change. With previous campaigns like the Swachh Bharat Mission, serious work is already underway.

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