Liv’ED it : Rama Kutty Food Stall In CP, Flavour Of South In Saadi Dilli

Liv’ED is an ED original style where we write about our personal experiences on visiting and reviewing any place which gives us a feeling of coming back for more. This time, we discuss the Rama Kutty Food Stall in CP for its South Indian delicacies.

The infamous “Pradarshan Marg” near Jantar Mantar is not just known for Kejriwal’s protests and rants against Modi (mostly for it, though). Apart from the architectural marvel Jantar Mantar nearby, there exists another hidden gem on the road since the past 25 years, the Rama Kutty South-Indian Food Stall.


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While passing by Jantar Mantar on a nice, rainy day you just can’t stop yourself from stopping by and having the mouthwatering, amazing South-Indian delicacies.


So, as soon as you are on the Pradarshan Marg (protest road) in CP, you’d spot these little food stalls around the corner, serving the protesters which are evergreen here.

I happened to pass by the place on my way back home one of these days, when it was drizzling, and I couldn’t have chosen a better day to discover this cool place.

What We Ordered?

One of their specialities Mushroom Dosa, the innovative Paneer Dosa, Special Vegetable Uttapam and a Mysori Dosa with Adrak walli chai (ginger tea). AHH, RAINY DAY BLISS!


Other Specialities

They have a special dosa on the menu for every day of the week and the sweet dish Kesari Bath is an absolute South-Indian delicacy.

And like a true hole-in-the-wall South-Indian outlet, they also serve amazing Dal Vadas and Vada Sambhar.


If you have this immense love or the taste buds for authentic South-Indian food, this place is totally worth a visit.

The time gap between ordering and getting the order in your hands is a matter of seconds. (Yep, relatives of Rajnikant serve food here.)

While the Mushroom and Paneer Dosa came with innovation, Mysori Dosa had the perfect flavour. All the dishes were served with the good old Sambhar and Coconut Chutney, of course.

Uttapam too was flawless and I’d definitely rate it 5/5 on taste. The only thing that spoiled the experience though, was re-serve of Sambhar. As we had reached there a bit late in the evening, they were low on quantity and had to do with whatever was left.

Another drawback was that there is no sitting place around, the place being a food stall and not a restaurant but then you’re not a true Dilliwala if you don’t like hogging on food in the actual street style!

Nevertheless, PRO TIP : Take a car ride there, that way you can sit inside the car, admire the weather and eat peacefully, enjoying every bite.

Value For Money

That’s funny to address considering most of the dosas and other items on the menu at the place cost within the range of a chocolate bar.

The entire food costed under Rs. 300! (SURPRISED? So was I!)

In fact, the listing on Zomato shows the average cost for two to be Rs. 300 or more. It can never happen unless you are mutant hedge hogs. It is the cheapest food outlet in and around Connaught Place. That does not say much but you gotta trust me on this!

How To Reach

You can take an auto from Rajiv Chowk metro station to Jantar Mantar and can easily locate the Rama Kutty food stall when in vicinity of the monument. There are a total of four such food stalls and this one is on extreme right if you’re facing the stalls.

You can also place the order on Zomato, although that’s rare. People from nearby offices generally prefer to walk to the place and enjoy the food, served hot and fresh.

Liv’ED It Score Card



Have you discovered any hidden drool worthy places to hog on food around your area? Let us know about them in the comments below.


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