A letter to the DU authorities

Dear DU

We sincerely appreciate your over-the-top efforts to “help” us mould our career. Your changing decisions make us feel so special and indeed unique. Why shouldn’t we feel so great? After all, all the top administrators of the country are so concerned about our education. From day 1, we’ve been your favorites. We were the batch which experienced the very well organized and extremely transparent system of Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP). And we were the fortunate ones to see it go through constant, excellent changes which were really ‘nurturing’ the best in us. But finally, we were the blessed batch to have seen its scrapping. With everyday battles between the UGC and DY authorities, we felt on top of the world. So elated and confident about the coming years. And then some people call us guinea pigs. Are you serious? Of course, we aren’t the guinea pigs or experimental rats. We are the best batch in the system. Because everyone ‘cares’ about us so much.  Every decision is taken so ‘logically’ and ‘methodologically’. If it hadn’t been for you,DU, I would have been living a life of monotony with no change what so ever. No excitement in life. Not making it to the national news ever. GAH. That would have been hard. But you didn’t let that happen. Thank you so much DU. We owe so much to you. And this whole confusion about the whole structure? Aww, you are thinking so much about our ‘well-being’ that you can’t come up with the best solution. Gosh, would we ever find such a cooperative management. Well who cares about the fact that we’ll have to study the three year course in two years now? We love studying so much that we’ll manage. Plus you are preparing us to face the situation in the outside world, where everything is fast and changing. How will we be ever  able to pay off the debt of this? DU, don’t be so sweet to us. These kind actions on us will literally kill us with indebtedness.

With loads of ‘love’

Students of DU (2013 batch)



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