The Latest WhatsApp Updates Are Nothing Special: Do You Need Them?

WhatsApp is more essential to us than perhaps anything, except of course food, air, and water.

This one little messaging app has not only become a staple to us but mandatory almost in every phone in India.

Right now WhatsApp has an approximate of 1 billion users and almost 200 million active users in India itself.

But to stay ahead in competition WhatsApp has to constantly update and renovate itself with new features that will keep users interested in the app.

Some of them backfired, like the Snapchat-isque status, which got such a large and heavy negative feedback that WhatsApp immediately backtracked and brought back the old status feature.

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However, one small step back has not affected the giant and WhatsApp has just come out with 5 brand new updates. Learn what all these updates are:

1. Two Step Verification:  

The one update that is both useful and long-awaited would be a two-step verification feature which has now been introduced.

Available on all devices such as Android, iOS, and Windows, this feature will now allow users to have an added security feature.

This can come in handy when you are resetting and verifying your WhatsApp account and anyone who wants access to it will need the 6 digit passcode to do so.

2.  Text Status Is Back:

As said earlier too, the extreme backlash that WhatsApp saw over its decision to remove the ‘text status’ has finally resulted in them bringing back the feature.

As per reports, right now only Android users can avail this feature although it will soon be ready for iOS users also.

3.  Pin Your Chats:

After the two-step verification feature, this feature is another really interesting one where users can now ‘pin’ any important or crucial chats to the top of the chat list.

This can be really helpful for students and working people who have a plethora of groups and chats can sometimes be missed in all the excessive messages that one gets.

Users can pin upto 3 group or individual chats and once done they will remain there with all new chats and messages below it.

Again, sorry iOS users but this feature is only available for Android devices.

4. New Placement Of Video Call Button:

While video call in WhatsApp has been present for some time now, the only change here is the placement of the button.

The video call button will now be present in place of the ‘attachment’ button with the latter going down in the text bar right beside the ‘camera’ button.

5.  Siri Will Read Your Messages:

I guess with all the Android-only features that WhatsApp has introduced, they thought let us not alienate our poor iOS users and give them something too.

So for iPhone users, WhatsApp has brought forth an update where you can get Siri to read your WhatsApp messages to you.

Image Credits: Google Images

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