Kissenger Is All Set To Change Long-distance Relationship Dynamics

Long-distance relationships can be tough, and times can get rough especially when the couple is not together for New Year’s or even Valentines. Now, in this age of technology people have managed to stay in ‘together’ through applications like Skype, Google hangouts etc., but the sense of intimacy that couples share is still probably not cherished.

Well, for all depressed couples out there – presenting Kissenger.

Using a Kissenger

Let’s Break It Down, Shall We?

You can now send a kiss through a messenger. Genius! Isn’t it?

For one, it’s more than that. Kissenger is not an application that is exclusive to kiss emoticons but is a mobile accessory in itself. The device pairs with a mobile application, and using pressure sensors and actuators it transmits the kiss from the senders to the receiver’s device.

The science behind working of the Kissenger

The application also has a video calling feature, which ensures that you are not being cheated and that the kiss occurs in real-time.

Is This The Future?

The creators certainly think so. They believe that with time, humans will inevitably become intimate with A.I or robots and that their ability to share a kiss is an important part of creating the bond.

However, we have a long way to go. For starters, the lip part of the device is made from silicon, and the device is designed for regular pecks on the cheek or mouth.  What might seem a little uncomfortable is that the pad isn’t mouth shaped, although the actuators are lined like lips. Also, the prototype of the mobile accessory is currently designed to suit only iOS phones.

For those who have tried the prototype, seemed to be rather impressed with the device. Kissenger lets one have ‘moments’ and provides and experience, but filling the absence of a partner, or even family cannot be ensured just as of now.

Kissenger, as a mobile accessory is probably the most absurd direction technology can take. Though the thought to reduce the distance between partners is probably commendable, but moving to a future which finds us being intimate with robots is a little disturbing. No matter how much we advance, humans cannot survive without a certain level of human contact.

Will Kissenger own the market, or will be just another failed experiment – only time will tell.

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