Roadies Xtreme has been notorious for using strong and abusive vocabulary, rude behavior and extreme tasks whose genuineness is doubtful. Watching Roadies, one would be alarmed at the abusive behavior of the contestants as well as judges!

However, the first couple of episodes of Roadies Xtreme 2018 seem to be promoting all the right things. Although it does have all the melodrama of any reality show, the overall messages conveyed are at their righteous best.

The pattern followed is certainly typical of any reality show with each contestant delivering some message through their real-life experiences, yet some stories are worth listening to.

Drug Addiction

The issue of the use and abuse of drugs presented itself in a female contestant. She talks about how her drug addiction led to sexual abuse and a tricky situation where she is helpless to such an extent that filing a complaint to the police would bring trouble onto her as she was on drugs.

This is a problem highlighted in the show that drug users bring harm on themselves not only health wise but also when stuck in tight spots such as this one. The mental and physical abuse suffered here is indeed tragic as the victim is helpless and partly guilty too for their addiction.

Sports and women

Following the trend set by Aamir Khan’s Dangal, the importance of sports and physical strength amongst women is typically exemplified in a female contestant from Haryana. Other than that, a working woman with remarkable physical strength and bravery had her own life story to tell. Her bravery is appreciated after a brief but aggressive “let-out-your-anger-session” sparked by the judges themselves.

These sensitive issues apart, the episode also allowed their viewers to have a laugh or two.

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The guy from social media

A hilarious addition to the show was that contestant who was the epitome of everything fake. He seemed to represent all the fakeness that people laud themselves with on social media profiles.

The mockery of this contestant is quite entertaining as the judges verbally attack him on the apt points. For instance, several young people today create an aura around themselves on social media with self-defining phrases like “I am an introvert” or “I am mysterious”. The person did the very same thing, saying he was intense and got himself heavily trolled on the show!

The over-dramatization of the simplest things that young people go for under the pretext of being poetic in their Facebook or Instagram profiles too is blown off with the phrase “Tu Twilight dekhna bandh kar”.

The show has its fair share of the chocolate boy and girls who we would love to watch and also the abusive boy who spurred hatred in all. The chocolate boy had anything but positivity to spread amidst the judges, whereas the abusive one brought out the moral side of the judges. Needless to say, this served for the spice every show needs.

The show had all the elements expected of entertainment as well as inspiring stories. Whether they are real or scripted is still open for debate, yet the stories the contestants have to deliver are worth listening to.

It remains to watch whether the show can sustain these positive messages once the tasks and performances begin!

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Sources: Times Of India, Indian Express, Rediff + more

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