With the end of semester exams and the upcoming summer break, it is natural for a university student to have free time on their hands. While some students are busy making  ‘Goa Plans’, the more competitive sperms have already decided to invest in productive activities.

The fruitful list of activities may range from doing online certification courses, interning at top-notch firms or joining a fitness class. With students wanting to get as much exposure as early on as possible, interning definitely tops the list.

Students may choose to upgrade their skill-set by working from home or full time at companies. These companies assign the interns the tasks which help the students explore their interests and widen their horizon.

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Along with helping one explore his interests, companies also provide remuneration for the work contributed by the interns. Generally, the remuneration provided covers the travel expenses plus some incentive, but in some cases, it may be performance based as well.

The remuneration provided to the interns is integral as it is not only the fair thing to do but also boosts the performance of the intern. Companies like Google, Amazon, KPMG and some reputable start-ups like Zomato pay their interns pretty well.

According to the latest survey by Glassdoor, the list of highest paid internships is topped by the technology giant, Facebook. It offers its USA interns a whopping 8000 dollars or 5.6 lakhs per month for its internship programme.

This makes the company a lucrative option to intern with. The internship gig is around 8-12 weeks long and is open for students who have a background in tech, architecture, design or business. Facebook indeed believes in building connections.

The work is high paced and the work environment is open and accepting.  Pay is not the only thing that interns get, they also get transportation, living, food allowances.

‘Mark’ my words, it gets only better when you get an opportunity to intern with Mark.

Irrespective of the company that you chose to intern with, the learning that you are going to get is immense. Just remember to not sell yourself short and to reach out to people.

A lot of first-year students, do not apply for internships due to the fear of rejection. This fear can easily be overcome with some advance planning and proactive actions.

So yes, make the most of the summer vacations, make sure you create an impact wherever you go and build skills along the way. I am sure the value you derive out of it will outweigh the monetary benefit. After all, one is interning to learn and not because he/she has access to unlimited coffee at the office all day.

Sources: Glassdoor, CNBC

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