Flash floods and substantial downpours have wreaked destruction in Kerala in the course of recent days.

Popularly known as ‘God’s Own Nation’, the state encountered the heaviest precipitation since 1924.

In excess of 400 individuals have lost their lives, and more than two million have been uprooted in what is being named as one of the most devastating floods in a century.

More than 20,000 relief camps have been set up, and ten out of 14 areas have been extremely influenced.

The misfortunes are evaluated to be near Rs 20,000 crore. Help is pouring in from individuals everywhere throughout the nation and the world, who are contributing in real money or by the method of alleviation material.

In this situation, new businesses/startups have additionally ventured in order to help the victims affected by the floods.

Kerala Flood


Delhi-NCR based fin-tech startup and computerized wallet major Paytm, has incorporated another component – ‘Kerala Floods’ on its homepage, which has been straightforwardly connected to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF) account.

This has made it easier for its users to contribute using the Paytm platform.

The organization professes to have gotten an aggregate of Rs 30 crore since it propelled the element on August 16. It guarantees to coordinate each gift “Rupee-for-Rupee” for up to Rs 1 crore.


New unicorn Zomato alongside Bengaluru-based NGO Akshaya Patra Establishment, has put up a category called ‘Help Kerala’ on its application.

Through the application, one can donate nourishment from one of the three feast bundles. The bundles incorporate a dinner for three costing Rs 90, a feast for six costing Rs 180 and a supper for ten individuals at Rs 300.

Zomato says the food will be provided to people in need with the assistance of dinner conveyance vans and watercraft.

Online payment application Simpl is helping one to donate instantly.

Every one of the gifts made through the Simpl application will be steered to the CMDRF. Simpl also says that it will transfer the total contributions to CMDRF consistently at 2 pm.

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The online business giant has collaborated with Goonj to encourage donations for flood casualties.

This collaboration enables one to make financial donations through Flipkart, which thus will be utilized by Goonj to get covers, coverings, mosquito nets, dry apportions, toiletries, cooking utensils (and that’s only the tip of the iceberg).

Users can give away by tapping on the pennant advertisement for Kerala donations on the Flipkart application or its site. The concerned person will be taken to a page where he/she can contribute to Goonj.

The Uber group in Kochi ventured up to go about as a free transportation administration to the closest help camp for individuals who wished to make donations of some specified products and other basic amenities.
The user simply needs to pick the choice ‘flood relief’ on the Uber application, following which the Uber driver will get the items from his/her area and send it to the closest relief shelter camp.
Bengaluru-based online grocery-store BigBasket has additionally fixed up with Goonj to allow individuals to provide basic items to the people affected.
The contribution can be made possible by utilizing any of the ‘Bundle Packs’ accessible on the site and the application.
There are five such packs that incorporate basics in various amounts, involving rice, bread rolls, water, clean napkins, toothpaste, and so forth.
By tapping on the Kerala Flood Help pennant on the application or the site, it directs the user to another page where he/she can look for items and pay for them.
All items requested will be conveyed to Goonj, which will then circulate the items in Kerala.
This time around, innovation, which lets individuals remain connected crosswise over fringes & borders and empowers online settlements and a ton more, has united the world in a single thread to help Kerala-flood victims.
As the Indian startup system progressively ventures forward to do more for the Kerala flood victims, it has exhibited a genuine, enrichening case of the “Unity in Diversity”, India has dependably been so glad for.

In a nutshell, these startups have demonstrated that they might be isolated by thoughts, but no matter what, they will always come together to safeguard the soul of mankind.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Inc42, Your Story, Office Chai +more

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