India Vs. New Zealand: A Not So Great Start To The World Cup ’16

It all started with a six on the first ball and a Wicket on the next. The match between the blacks and the blues was bound to be enthralling and an energetic one. Sadly enough, the only form of energy we got to see from New Zealand’s side and our beloved nation was all ready to leave the ground as soon as possible. The onset of this World Cup 2016 certainly did start with broken Indian hearts and shattered hopes #PlayBold or #PlayBored India?

All of us are aware of the fact that the black caps have a 100% success rate in front of India. And alas, they were able to maintain it pretty well. India, which was supposedly in a great form, put an end to its winning streak by scoring its second lowest international T20 total ever. Yes. You heard it right. 79 is the new rock-bottom for India.



The Traitor Dew:

The trick of choosing the spinners for their ability to bowl well in the presence of dew didn’t work too well for the Indian team. The traitor dew refused to make an appearance and the opposition team reaped the benefits.


The Amazing Batting Performance:

When 127 was all New Zealand scored, it was not hard for the nation to rejoice and a hope for an early victory. But not all went according to the plan. With only two players scoring more than 10 runs; India seemed to be playing an uphill battle. And with this, 127 proved to be the lowest target India has ever failed to chase.

UntitledWhat’s Next?

After this loss, India comes face to face with its arch nemesis Pakistan on Saturday, 19th March in Eden Gardens. We are hoping for a clean sweep this time because all India has to do is win all its next three matches to qualify for the next round. Though it doesn’t hurt to have Kohli and Dhoni play well all the time, we can’t wait for the other batsmen to bleed blue as well.




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