I Was Not Allowed To Enter My Own Studio Which I Built: Arnab Goswami Reveals All

Arnab Goswami is not an unknown name, in fact till not long it was a name that was cause of major debating and in certain cases even shouting about current events.

His show, ‘Newshour with Arnab’ was extremely popular and most homes would turn over at 9pm in order to watch another screaming match.

In lieu of that, memes and gifs and even full parodies were made of Arnab Goswami and how he was as an anchor and journalist.

That is why his sudden departure from Times Now came as a shock to many people and not something that we could digest easily.

In his latest public appearance at an event at Delhi, Arnab Goswami gets candid and talks of many different things, ranging from his experience in college, how he relates to the youth, fake and biased media, Times Now and more.

This poster series, shows some of his epic quips that we got from his session:

arnab goswami arnab goswami arnab goswami arnab goswami arnab goswami arnab goswami

arnab goswami arnab goswami

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