How To Organise A+ MUNs In Delhi, A Dummy’s Guide (Video Blog)

MUNs in Delhi have become more of a business than anything else. The quality of MUNs has degraded, people keep talking about it & yet nothing changes.

MUNs in Delhi have degraded to a level that people have forgotten why they were introduced in the first place. In fact, the MUNs in Delhi Circuit have degraded so much that it’s a shame to even call them debating tournaments.

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Every other month a post on the the MUN Delhi Circuit page comes up, highlighting the problems in the circuit and yet the quality of the MUNs keep on degrading.

MUNs in Delhi
The kind of posts that keep popping up in the Delhi MUN Circuit.

So, we at ED decided to not complain and rather compile a dummy’s guide on 101 about organising such an ‘A+ MUN’, iykwim!

Here, take a look and learn:

So, this was it for today guys. We hope you liked the video.

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