NEET is one the most competitive exams in India and is a road towards securing a seat in the best medical college in the country. Competitive exams like NEET can be a stressful feat for students owing to its vast syllabus and competitiveness.

Students spend most of their time at school, tuitions, coaching classes, and this routine only add to their existing stress level. Managing time amidst this hectic routine can be challenging for most students. However, this can be altered, and there are solutions for students who want to avoid travel and save time.

Studying from home, at their own pace can be a boon, especially if their sources are right. Digital learning platform like Aakash iTutor is specifically targeted at students who want to prepare for NEET, right from their home.

Students can appear for NEET mock test online and can gauge their performance among other aspirants. Aakash iTutor is a comprehensive platform where students get over 1500 hours of video content and more 1000 practice tests.

Here’s how you can manage time effectively and be more productive

Shut Down Unnecessary Devices

Today, everyone is connected to the internet, and it had led to people developing the habit of checking his or her phones regularly. This can be especially counterproductive for students who are trying to study. Checking your phone for a message during your study time can distract you from completing your agenda.


While preparing for NEET exam, there will be times when you will hit a roadblock and get stuck with a problem. It is important to persevere when things do not go right. Develop strategies for dealing with problems that hamper your preparation. If you are stuck with a question, digital learning platforms like Aakash iTutor have experts that can help you resolve the doubts.

Avoid Procrastination

The time and energy spent on procrastination can be utilized in doing something that. It is also important that you take responsibility for your actions, and organize your preparation to complete everything on time. Make sure you reward yourself after you have achieved a feat.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising helps in keeping our physical and mental well-being in shape. “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body,” is right for everyone and not just students. Students who play a sport are wired to be more active in managing their time, which eventually makes them more productive. Cardio exercises increase the blood flow to the brain which improves concentration. Exercising every day in the morning can prepare you for the day ahead.

Study Breaks

Yes, study breaks are equally important. When you are studying for hours on a stretch without a break, it is natural for your brain to be tired. If you skip a break, you are only limiting your ability to concentrate. Study breaks ensure that your mind is rested, and you can start another study session. Taking adequate study breaks will boost your productivity, so get up and move around!

Make a To-Do List

To accomplish something, you must plan it before and then act. Prepare a schedule and stick to it throughout the day. A plan will help you manage time better, which will increase your productivity. With a real-time deadline, you will learn to manage time effectively and efficiently. Action planning is necessary if you want to ace the NEET exam and keep your productivity levels high. Make sure your goals are realistic and achievable.

Managing time is important for students, especially the ones who are preparing for NEET exam. However, with some practical steps and expectations, NEET can be easy to ace. Make sure you appear for NEET mock test online on a regular basis to increase your chances of getting a good score.

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