College can be quite difficult, but perhaps no time is as stressful and scary as the first 3 months especially when it’s Delhi University (DU). 

The change from the strict time-bound lifestyle of school to the ‘you’re on your own’ mentality of college is extremely hard to adapt to. 

Where in schools, you have teachers and circulars, always there to remind you of any important projects or events that might be happening, college is almost the opposite. 

Everything you have to figure out yourself, since teachers do not hand out any reminders, no updates from the college on anything, and even the notice board is just for the sake of it. 

The first 3 months in college are most difficult since its entirely a cultural and routine shift, everything you’d known is thrown out the building and you are left fumbling about, trying to understand what to do. 

So in that case, here are a few tips on how to survive the first 3 months of your first year as a DU student:

#1. Become Friends With Seniors

Perhaps the biggest help you can get is from those who already have experience with all things DU. That is the seniors. 

It might be a little daunting, but I still remember how our senior came to our rescue when we were going to get ragged by some other senior students of the college. The way he came in and called us away on some made up excuse, will always stay with me. 

1st year students

It was also because of him only, that the whole class finally got together and started to interact with each other. Before it, we barely knew each other’s names. 

Seniors are also helpful in showing you how it is all done, from filling out forms, to knowing which societies are good, what spots near the college are a must visit for good food etc.

#2. Join Societies

Societies are literally a waste of time after 1st year, frankly speaking. In 2nd year, it’s time to start making your resume, so instead of spending it on a society, it would be smart to look for good internships etc. 

However, at the same time, societies are extremely important during the 1st year, since they help give you a community spirit. 

Not only that, but it gives you something to do besides just going to class and then back to home. Personal will is not always the strongest, but joining a society will probe you to go out there and interact with other people.

#3. Get Familiar With The Administration

This, I cannot tell you how important this one particular tip really is. 

Getting on friendly basis with even 1-2 people from the college administration can help you in ways you didn’t think of.

First of all, if you are friendly with them, they will also behave nicely, that means letting go off small little errors you might have made in exam forms or any other ones. 

It also means you could get some special preference when submitting the admit card form, and they close for lunch time. Being on nice terms with them can be super helpful, so no matter how rudely they are behaving, you try to appease them.

Try to compliment them, agree with them if they are complaining about something, including weather, college, politics, and all. Also, do not try to be an all knowing adult in front of them, in fact, the more kiddish you appear the better.

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 #4. Learn The Routes

Learn the routes, first before anything else. To and from your home to college, other nearby attractions and more. 

The autowallahs will take one look at your face and know instantly if you are a noob or know your stuff. Get familiar with the metro lines too, those will come in handy when travelling from south to north campus or anywhere else. 

So these were a few tips on how to survive the first 3 months of your life as a DU students. To be honest, once you get through them, the time after is a piece of cake, unless you take in the stress of societies, fests, exams, attendance, placement etc. 

But, all those will come on later, right now is time to enjoy your new beginning at college. 

Let us know in the comments below if you have any other tips that every 1st year DU student should know about.

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