Facebook DPs can make or break a person. For quite a number of millenials, days are good or bad based on the number of likes their display picture gets.

Our DPs have a story of their own to say. Be it the awkward yo-imma-so-cool DPs of high school or the matured, classy ones from office days, they have evolved like Pokémon.

So, we decided to bring you a fun lowdown on how our DPs change with age.

Yo man, imma so kewl

We are all ashamed of this. Admit it. There was a point of time in our lives when we’d been over excited about joining Facebook (many a times, keeping our parents in dark) and had uploaded our display pictures with the coolest poses our teenager brains could think of.

Hypertension in 1,2,3!

The result? Painful Facebook memories reminding you of your ridiculous wannabe DPs every now and then. The yo pose, the metal pose, I’ll fitting shades, forward jutting incisors exposed in toothy smiles, we’ve been there, done that. And somewhere through all of that, we have grown up into perfectly photoshopped beings.

THE gang(sta) tales

When we grew a little older and reached that hormonal phase called adolescence, we suddenly grew very friend-o-philic and flooded Facebook with DPs and cover pictures containing our gang (yes, we didn’t use the fancy “squad” word back then, it was just gang for us).

Of course, 80% of those friends didn’t last and we have a completely different “squad” now. But oh, those were the days!

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An exasperating farrago of DSLR and filtered DPs

Classy. Suave. Stylish. Most people on Facebook could rock a ramp, at least with their DPs. As we joined college, we were given more freedom: physically and more importantly, financially. All of us, at some point of time, have pestered our DSLR-owning friends for DPs. For the few unlucky ones who don’t have one such friend, an exasperating(?) farrago of filter apps have come to the rescue.

DPs change with age
That smile…

Beauty on Facebook is just a click away: either on a shutter button or the phone screen.

Show me the love

DPs change with age
Couples who shared WAY too much.

Love happened to us and our Facebook display pictures. We had to prove our love to our partners and what better way to do that than splash our Facebook walls with pictures which show us Siamese twinning with THE ONEOf course, most of those relationships never last and honestly, I get very disappointed when a PDA (Pulic Display of Affection) couple break up because hey, I invested so much time and DATA in your pictures!

DPs change with age

I need to show off my unnecessarily expensive wedding gear from every angle

Finally when one day, we actually do get THE ONE, we decide to get married.

DPs change with age

And that entails a tsunami of pictures showing us decked up in exorbitantly expensive sarees and lehengas worth food for an entire neighborhood sometimes. Make no mistakes, no criticism is implied here. It is only a harmless observation. Acute, obtuse, right, straight, complementary, supplementary…there will be pictures in every angle a Math book can think of.

DPs change with age
Look at that flare!

Cute (?) little children

DPs change with age
The baby has no idea what’s happening

I have come across people who upload their USG pictures on Facebook. They edit the picture to point out the baby sac in the USG plate and congratulations, the baby has its first picture!

DPs change with age

I am not even going into the paraphernalia of baby pictures at all possible stages of the baby’s life: eating, sleeping, drinking and yeah, videos of pooping. I’m not even joking.

Finally, everyone becomes a Bhakt

DPs change with age
We have a clear winner here: Lord Krishna

Not a Modi Bhakt lol. But yeah, Gods and Goddesses steal the show in the middle ages. Krishna is the most popular on this aspect, but Ganesha and Shiva are close contenders. It’s a sexist world because Godesses are not that popular. *inserts sad emoticon*

DPs change with age
How hot is that?

I really don’t know how to frame a timeline after this because I am not aware of a lot of 60 plus people on Facebook. It would be interesting to see how this generation turns up when we’re all senior citizens. Will we be Bhakts or will we actually have those handsome tattoed grandfather pictures that we often see in memes?

PS: I know there are people on Facebook who do not conform to this DP changes with age pattern and this is not meant to stereotype. This speaks of the majority in good fun.

Image credits: Facebook and Google

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