Bloggers and Instagrammers are all the rage these days. Entrepreneurs in their own right, a few lucky ones have managed to make themselves a brand name all on their own. And various companies and brands are more than happy to pay them to showcase their products.

It is almost surprising of how much success some of these bloggers are getting with their social media following.

But have not we all wondered exactly how these people are getting the means to maintain such high-end lifestyle choices without going bankrupt?

Have we not wondered exactly how these bloggers and Instagrammers earn their living?

Well, the obvious is clear to everyone that many of these big brands and even upcoming ones, employ these bloggers as influencers and pay them to post about their product.

Seeing how big of a following these bloggers have if the blogger posts about a certain product on their profile surely it will not just reach a good lot of people but the personal factor that the blogger has with its followers will influence them to go buy that particular product.

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To start off, Instagrammers actually earn based on the CPM or the cost to reach one thousand people. You can calculate CPM as:

CPM= No. of Followers/100×10

For bloggers, there is no set limit on which their earnings are dependent on, but again followers, reach, Alexa ranking of the blog and overall standing will matter when deciding the amount.

Here are the earnings of 4 Indian bloggers and Instagrammers in India:

1. Amit Agarwal:

Amit Agarwal is 37 years old and is running one of the most successful Indian blogs called

The blog mainly has How-To guides related to the tech genre but Agarwal also makes web apps on the side.

With a global Alexa ranking of 6,419 and Indian ranking standing at 1,147, Amit Agarwal is definitely among the top tier of Indian blogger community.

His estimated monthly earning is somewhere around ₹3868400.

2. Shradha Sharma:

Shradha Sharma is the Founder of that started in 2008 and is now counted a major source of stories related to entrepreneurship in India, successful leaders and Founders share their experiences and stories with the world.

The global Alexa ranking of YourStory is 3,447 and in India, it stands at an amazing 260.

The estimated monthly earning of this blogger is about INR. 1932915.

3. Shivya Nath:

One of the few ones who actually has been able to make travel blogging into a full time career, Shivya Nath is no ordinary blogger.

She started her travel blog The Shooting in 2011 and her estimated monthly earnings are anywhere between Rs. 0 to Rs. 20, 000.

4. Srinivas Tamada:

Srinivas Tamada is the Founder of where he posts about various web design topics. His biggest achievement is the Wall Script 8 which is a commercial social networking software.

His global Alexa ranking is at 21, 604 while he enjoys a lot of popularity in India with his Indian ranking being 3,216. His estimated monthly income is anywhere from Rs. 161076 to Rs. 225506.


Image Credit: Google Images

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