HBO To Produce Another Book Series By Martin After Game Of Thrones

It’s a trying time for GoT fans. The next season has seven episodes (that’s 3 less!) and the show will altogether have two more seasons. If you’re worried as to what will happen after season 8 ends then fret not because there is some good news in store for you.

HBO realizes the frenzy that surrounds Game of Thrones and they have taken the smart decision to make profit out of it by making another George R.R. Martin anthology into a series.

HBO bought the rights to ‘Wild Cards’ and will soon start development of the series.

wild cards

It’s not the same as Game of Thrones

Aye! Nothing even remotely similar to GoT. For starters, ‘Wild Cards’ consists of several novels that can be read as a series or Stand Alones with barely a handful of recurring characters. (Don’t expect a John Snow for 8 seasons).

Second, the books are written by several other authors apart from Mr. Martin but are edited by him.

Three, there are no swords, kings or castles. There are aliens, UFO’s and superheroes. The story is set in After World War-II universe where an alien virus called ‘Wild Card’ has infected mankind and mutated them.

Wild Cards consist of graphic novels, video game (already) and short stories too and is set in New York. The first part deals with the after effects of the virus in Manhattan and the political ramifications due to the virus infection.

wild cards


George R.R Martin says that the ‘wild cards’ series will have multiple stories originating from the same alien virus spread but then will grow into their own parallel plots. He compared it with DC or Marvel Comic universe. I smell competition!

It’s definitely going to be a long series with over 22 books in it and Mr. Martin is still editing a couple.

It is yet to be known when the casting will begin or if a few GoT actors will be cast but of one thing we can be sure of- its going to be epic!

Lets hope we don’t have to wait too much and Kit Harrington graces the celluloid for this series as well.

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