F*ugly PeTA Ad Launch


By Anushka Bansal and Arijit Mitra

Ye FUGLY FUGLY kya hai?

Well yes! We got this amazing opportunity to cover the PeTA Ad launch in collaboration with F*UGLY. The Ad was against Angora fur and encouraged protection of the rabbits.

Now the more interesting part! We got to meet the stars of F*ugly: handsome Mohit Marwah, strong Vijender Singh, pretty Kiara Advani and humorous Arfi Lamba. Although Vijender left early due to an early morning flight, we interacted with all the others. In our brief interaction, we got along well with Mohit. Guess his Alma Mater. Yes! None other than DU. He is from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College!

IMG_20140611_204337fugly-ad-launchIMG-20140606-WA0001 (2)



Basically it was an event conducted by PeTA for launching their ad against the use of angora fur. The video aimed at drawing public attention towards the atrocities commited by Chinese workers. It exposed the amount of pain each rabbit has to go through for its fur and the unhealthy conditions in which the rabbits were being kept. The star cast too showed their support for the campaign by featuring in the ad. The video had a humorous end to it as Kiara looked confused , Arfi dumbstruck to such an extent that he was almost unable to speak and the confident and muscular Vijender had his own desi accent. On the other hand, Mohit seemed confident about what he was saying and was really supporting the cause. Have a look yourself!

Moreover, there were hilarious scenes at the event as well. As soon as Vijender and Mohit entered, they gained the attention of all the journalists but when Kiara took centre stage, all the reporters turned their cameras to her .They were so indulged in taking her pictures that Mohit was left alone searching for his moment of stardom. Well well not to forget, they were the only ones who hooted and shouted on their own movie trailer. Overall Mohit was the one who came across as a genuinely informed person. We can credit that and his uber confidence to his khaandaan. Being the cousin of Sonam and Arjun Kapoor, thats the least we can expect. We were novices among all others with huge cameras and stands etc. All the commotion of the media personnel trying to get their bites and some conversations which we overheard, were rib crackling.

We had our share of fun and can proudly boast of having met atleast some sort of celebrities.




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