From Trump’s Dump Towers To Modiji At Golden Temple, Everything Sarcastic That Happened In News This Week

If you think that the world was not bizarre enough wait till you finish reading this article about the news this week. Apart from all the unusual scandals, the newspaper was peppered with their own share of funny and unusual.

I swear the amount these newspapers surprise me, someday I am going to choke on my morning tea.



Japan to deliver Pizzas Santa Style this Christmas.

reindeer pizza delivery

They have recruited reindeer to deliver pizza in snowy weather that, if well trained, can be faster than pizza-boys on bikes. With the animals capable of running at up to 80 km/ph in snow, Dominoes Japan is taking their 30 minutes delivery challenge a notch up.

Is someone finally trying to make all our Santa dreams come true?

Not really. Sadly, they had to scrap it.

Because they were actually seeking to promote this weird looking delivery scooter instead. Ta da.



So much for a PR stunt. Don’t worry reindeer, we like you better any day.


Girl standing up for her Uber Driver becomes the new Facebook heroine.

Himani Jain

Himani Jain becomes the new Facebook hero after her post reporting the ordeals with an Uber cabbie went viral. This time, though, it was not Uber under cross-fire, but rather her female co-passenger who was abusive towards the cabbie, even threatening violence.

Himani helped out the cabbie at the police station and prevented the innocent man from being incriminated unjustly. Uber is finally thankful for being on the right side of the news.


Someone changed the name of Trump Tower To Dump Tower on Google Maps.

dump-tower_google maps

In a hilarious twist of tale, Trump Towers was temporarily rechristened to what many people would prefer to call it, DUMP TOWERS. Earlier this week, people on Google maps found the much in-focus 5th Avenue skyscraper sporting a new name rather dashingly.

While people quickly took to social media to rolf about so, Google’s made a move to rectify the embarrassing mistake.




World’s Oldest Cat Goes Missing. Aww, snap.


In other news this week, 27 year old Corduroy has decided to disappear, he might not be very happy with his Guinness World Record after all. The world’s oldest Cat was reported missing by her owners in Oregon, USA this week, after he ran away in October.  “Corduroy literally ran outside when we opened the door as we arrived home. We have not seen him since,” Okura, his owner, wrote on Instagram.

We all feel how losing a pet feels.


Shilpa Shetty Decides to Test Her IQ on Twitter

Like we always maintain at Economy Decoded, when you have nothing good to tell, don’t tell. But Mrs. Kundra decided to hi5 herself on her face as she went on to say the following,

Yes. This is the same person who won the Orwellian show ‘Big Brother’ in the UK. I mean, why Shilpa, why? Even a spoof video from AIB cannot rescue you out of this.


Narendra Modi Becomes The First PM to Serve Langar At Amritsar’s Harmandir Sahib

PM Modi at Golden Temple

While it is indeed commendable to be so powerful yet humble, the kind of attention is giving to Narendra Modi serving devotees at the Langar is weird. It is good to see him do what probably no Prime Minister has done before and I am not going to call his said humility a gimmick, but c’mon people, he did what he did. Don’t make him a h big deal out of it.

Does not help reduce queues in front of ATMs and Banks.


Well, that was all about the news this week. I am sure a lot more weird is going to come your way ahead. So, stay tuned, come back here for another weekly dose of the infamous, weird, sarcastic and the bizarre!

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