Friendly Fridays Chapter 31: Areesz Gandhi

This week on Friendly Fridays we have someone who is an actor, a photographer, a writer and a RJ! Give it up for Areesz Gandhi!

We got a chance to have a small chat with him and got to know him better. Here’s snippets of it for you:


Team ED: Three words that best describe you?

Areesz Gandhi: Bald (not Bold), Talented, Dreamer. :)

Team ED: You are into acting, photography, writing and also started as an RJ- what do you enjoy the most?

Areesz Gandhi: All of them. That’s the reason I do it all. I write…cause I wanna make movies out of my scripts.
I like clicking people mostly since I am an actor too and so I love to capture human emotion on camera.
And well Radio, cause maybe I love hearing my voice (kidding, it’s so that at least something gives me a regular income).

Team ED: What projects are you working on currently?

Areesz Gandhi: I finished shooting for Onir’s next film ‘Shab’, which should be out end of the year. I play a pretty significant role in it.
Apart from that I am currently in the process of writing, shooting and directing two short films.

Team ED: What would one find in your browser history?

Areesz Gandhi: Nothing. cause I never forget to clear the history! :D

Team ED: If you could be born in another decade, which one would it be and why?

Areesz Gandhi: I would have loved to be born in the 50s. More so cause of the music, the fashion and the simplicity of those times.

He also acted in the short film “Arranged Marriage”, Have a look here,


Team ED: What would you rather prefer: life in a small city or life in metro?

Areesz Gandhi: That is a tricky question. I love the big city life… the technology, the facilities, the malls, the media, etc. But then I do tend to get very nostalgic every now and then thinking of how life was when I was younger. In a small town. The simple life. I miss those days too. I would like to somehow balance the two.

Team ED: Do you believe in karma?

Areesz Gandhi: Yes I do. It was a great film too.

Team ED: You are a part of the glamour industry, what do you think are the cons of the same?

Areesz Gandhi: The biggest con is that people are always conning you. In a way that there are promises made and hopes that are given, that do not materialise 99 percent of the times. You are at war constantly. You need to UP your game every now and then. Cause here out of sight surely means out of mind.

Team ED: What is the craziest thing you have done till now?

Areesz Gandhi: I think I am yet to do something crazy enough, for people to really take notice of me.

Straight Up

Team ED: What is your life mantra?

Areesz Gandhi: “Life is Beautiful”… This is what I always keep saying. And I really believe that. Just SMILE!

Team ED: One advice you would want to give to the youngsters who are reading this interview?

Areesz Gandhi: If you have ever dreamt of doing anything…or being anything, Please do it. At least give it a shot once. Do not ever stop dreaming. If you are not good in one thing, you will be good at another. So give everything a shot… you never know what you might become and what might give you the ultimate happiness.

Team ED: Thank you so much for your time and this wonderful conversation. We wish you luck for your upcoming projects!

Areesz Gandhi: Anytime. Thanks for having me.

Here’s the link to a short film he wrote and acted in:


So guys, see you around next week with yet another fun and friendly chat, and till then, adios!

(Interview Conceptualized by Pratishtha Mahajan)



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