My Experience As An ED Blogging Intern: A Journey Worth Sharing

By Rusel D’cruze

In here is a narrative how it’s like being a wintern for a whole month.

No matter how we found out about ED, it has suited our intellectual and creative capacities right from the form, one of the most challenging you will ever fill.

They wanted no personal details except name and college, they seemed to be only interested in the very framework of the mind. It was answered to the best of our thoughtful abilities. A few days later, it felt great to be accepted into a fresh, almost virtual family which we knew nothing of.

We were invited to the office and proceeded with a sense of hope and fascinating expectation. After all, it was about the creative projection of the mind and that was the most stimulating impulse that drove the winternship with an enthusiasm greatly inspired by the ED Team itself that exciting Sunday. They turned out to be very relaxed yet visionary individuals who carried themselves with leadership, concern and support without the air of seniority. It felt more like a house party than some official meeting and they left us with responsibility and the confidence to handle it.

The same day we were assigned our mentors (read EXTREMELY merciful guardian angels) and Whatsapp groups were in place. ED made it very easy to work with them despite being strong on their ideals and this trait is very useful because it doesn’t compromise low-stress and mental ease at the cost of efficiency.

Our mentors have always been supportive and mentored us as if teaching a kid how to ride a bicycle, correcting and advising the best at every step of blogging. We will always be grateful to our mentors for their patience and understanding. ED rarely made us feel the pressure of the 12 articles we had to submit throughout February.

ED’s wanted to breed professionalism in us. And that we have learned, from deadlines to accepting suggestions and being efficient, it wasn’t just about blogging, it was about blogging responsibly. Also, throughout the month that has been occupied by blogs, it has naturally led us to learn a lot of the different topics we wrote on.

The content styles are a very important aspect as they challenge you to think and present on a particular style. For example, you can think of a tomato, and you can think of a student..but can you compare them and get hilarious similarities? The stress on language, style and humor has been, by far, the greatest learning experience teaching you to twist the same perspective and put it forward to the world with creativity. You need to be nice and easy, and also expose them to an inspiring intellect.

Essentially the concept of ED is powerfully relevant, it strives for intellectual wealth in a generation which, it believes, is starved of productive food for thought.

Mostly, we haven’t met anyone from ED very much after the first meeting and all communication has been virtual. After all that, they still feel close and very comfortable to interact with. And for the kind of people they are, they always will. Always.

Well, thank you Mentors, and thank you, Economy Decoded.

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