ED VoxPop: Should Student Elections have Political Affiliations?

Student elections. Trust me, they are enough to send a shiver down anyone in Delhi University. Or anyone in other major universities. People are just too appalled to bring themselves to commit to or even comment on this!

But yeah, they are our best friends when it comes to disrupting boring classes during election time!



Anyhow, my limited knowledge and understanding of politics often lead me to question during the campaign months, why are political parties indeed involved in student elections? Politics is for the administration of the country, and people should be trained at the grassroots level to push ahead our country’s agendas on bigger platforms. But are they being done right? Are the student elections happy with how student politics works?

But are they being done the right ay? Are the students happy with how student politics works?

We asked 6 people. Here are their point of views:














Well, my mother is a huge advocate of centering power around the countries youth, because it generates political understanding and holistic thinking towards social issues. I quite agree with her there. We might need some of this.

But the direness of student politics and the mud-slinging business around this issue make for a murky matter that begs for a clarification. It has gone so way over the line that We, the Students, don’t really like it anymore. With student lives and agendas at stake, are having political affiliations truly great?

What do you think? Tell us below! 

Image Credits: Nadiminti Sarvani (Thank You!)

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