ED Celebrates It’s Brotherhood Week With A Poster Series Signifying Love Amongst Religions

Why have we differentiated ourselves on the basis of caste and religion?

We at ED felt the need to raise the topic and thus initiated to celebrate the Brotherhood Week.

We did a poster series to mark ED’s Brotherhood Week. Have a look!

1. Let’s celebrate festivals together and spread more joy: Let us all uplift the veil between Hindus and Muslims and celebrate festivals together. Let us all make happiness grow!

brotherhood celebration

2. Let’s have space for inter caste marriages: Has not caste and religion destroyed the spirit of love? So let’s take a step forward and prove that loving someone from  a different religion is not crime!


3. Let’s have respect for each other’s religion: Irrespective of the symbol you follow, respect should be for all.


Martin Luther King Jr. has said, “

We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools”.

Let us all choose living over perishing. Let us all choose living with the spirit of unity and love amongst all!

Graphic Credits: Harshita Sharma and Panache Ideas


ED is celebrating The Brotherhood Week here, do join in the celebrations! 

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