L’economiste – Economics Fest By Department Of Economics, Hindu College


L’Economiste 2016 is on the doorstep and the Department of Economics, Hindu College is buzzing with enthusiasm and work is in full swing!

The Annual Economics Festival which will take place on 12th February 2016 promises to be a hotspot for great intellectual discussions, fun, and passionately contested events. Here is what you can expect on the D-day:

1} ECONOMICS SUMMIT: The panel discussion since the inception of L’Economiste has been adding great value to the festival through enriching discussions and lectures delivered by some of the brightest minds of the country. This time around, the Economics Summit boasts of many accomplished intellectuals like Mr. Santosh Kumar Mehrotra, Ms. Shamika Ravi and Mr. Pranjoy Guha Thakur who will enlighten us on burning topics of Equity, Growth and Capitalism.

2} PAPER PRESENTATION: The Indian Economy is on an upswing as we know it; a far cry from what it was a couple of years ago. The paper presentation seeks to inspire budding researchers to investigate the probable causes of the turnaround by studying the various laws implemented and many others in the pipeline which can propel us to a greater growth path.

3} BAT – O – NOMICS: Painstakingly created, this event tests every economics enthusiast who also happens to be a Batman fanatic. Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy has gathered immense popularity and our event intends to build on it and stir economics into the mix.

4} The ONE WITH THE REUNION: This event doesn’t need an elaborate explanation because an hour into going online, it witnessed scores of registrations. For all we know, this contest will be fought even a few decades down the line at Hindu College! FRIENDS, the show which has witnessed unceasing attention and love from people around the world will continue to be a major attraction this year too.

5} DENREE LES AFFAIRES, The Commodity Trading: This is a one of a kind Mock Commodity Competition. Since commodities tend to zig when the Stock Markets zag, keep calm and trust your instincts because, ‘The First Rule of Commodity Market is: You do not Panic.’

Yes, people, it’s time!

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