Jaime Lannister is alive and not captive! Thank you, Bronn.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

If you haven’t realised it ain’t a spoiler free review yet, do you even deserve to watch GoT?

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Let’s begin talking about ‘Eastwatch’ now, shall we?

More Dragon shots

The beggar queen turned mad queen, Daenerys, was on a straight up ‘bend the knee’ business. Guess who suffered burnt to ashes fate?

eastwatch 2

Dick’GONE’ Tarly and his father Randyll Tarly. Man, what amazing shots. Nothing in comparison to episode 4, though. PS: Only Tarly left now is Sam.

Tyrion looked unimpressed seeing such honourable men burnt to ashes. Falling out on the cards, soon?

Cersei’s made her choice

Jaime tried knocking some sense into the evil queen Cersei but alas!

“So, we fight and die or submit and die, I know my choice. A soldier should know his.” Some powerful words by Cersei. She doesn’t look like in the mood to give up.

Lannisters will pay their debts, eh?

Ser Jorah Returns

Just when I thought Jon being able to pet Drogon was gonna be the highlight of the scene, Dothraki men walk in with Ser Jorah.

What a dramatic entry! And what was that friend zone hug that Danny gave Jorah? Jon got weirded out. More signs of possible romantic affair between Jon and Danny. Ugh, why!

Also, there was some visible tension between Jon and Jorah, did you notice it too?

Oh, Bran

Bran is yet again on his dreaming pursuit. Night King saw him. He saw the dead army marching. Ravens are sent everywhere.

The real question is, ‘Is Bran really helping or is he just a puppet to the Night King?”

Sam, you idiot

The craziest scene of the week was Gilly reading that scroll, it’d have been a revelation had Sam not interrupted! Did you catch that?

It was most definitely about Rhaegar Targaryen annulling his marriage to Elia Martell and re-marrying Lyanna (wife no. 2, Jon’s secret mother)! This could have confirmed Jon not being a bastard. Sigh.

Anyway, it’s not GoT if it doesn’t make you crazy!

Also, Sam has finally left the Citadel. Tired of the Maesters not listening to his ‘winter is coming’ story, he has finally left the Citadel with a lot of reading material.

Where is he headed? My bet is on Winterfell. Also, poor chap is unaware about his family burnt to ashes.

Gendry is back

Gendry who was last seen rowing after Season 5 is finally back. That remark by Ser Davos, some good writing there.

Tired of being a slave to the murderers of his father in King’s Landing, Gendry joins Davos and Tyrion on their way to Dragonstone. I am guessing some good Gendry plot is coming up.

Sansa v/s Arya, Jaime v/s Tyrion

The Lords in Winterfell are already looking for a new leader. ‘The North Remembers’?

Sansa seems to be enjoying the attention, Arya gives her a stink eye for it though. Also, did you catch that ‘Ghost’ reference?

I couldn’t buy the girls falling out so easily! I mean come on, they just reunited!

Jaime wasn’t really delighted to meet Tyrion, especially not after the recent battle. Although, he does have a soft corner for him. The brother bond was visible despite their differences.

Varys & Littlefinger in action

eastwatch 1

Episode 5 was rather a building episode, just laying the groundwork for future ‘winter action’. Both Varys and Littlefinger were in full form.

Varys had a chit-chat session with Tyrion over wine and asked him to not let Daenerys turn into a mad queen like her father.

Littlefinger was seen carrying out some shady business. These two very important characters still have some great role to play, watch out for them.

Additional thoughts

  • More proof of Jon being Targaryen. Drogon seems to like him!
  • The Hound and the men from brotherhood were locked in Eastwatch? Okay. Jon has allowed them to come along. “We’re all on the same side – we’re all breathing”. Next episode will definitely have some good winter action. Also, was it just me or there was too less footage from the castle Eastwatch, especially when the episode was named after it?
  • It’s funny how team ‘Secret Seven’ is going in search of the army of the dead to bring proof for Cersei. And all of them seem to dislike each other. The men of the brotherhood sold Gendry to Stannis and Melisandre. Jorah’s father hunted wildings and the Hound has never liked anyone anyway.
  • Cersei has agreed to meet Daenerys, what would that be like? And wait, oh-myy-god, she’s pregnant? What? Oh, poor Jaime. I am pretty sure Jaime isn’t the father. She also knows Bronn arranged that little brother get-together. Will he be executed?
  • Arya is going to get in trouble. Littlefinger seems to be two steps ahead of her. This is another plot to look forward to. I am really worried for the Starks, the storm is coming! Although, I also feel Arya isn’t that stupid that she’d let Littlefinger fool him. Lets see what happens.
  • Gendry and Jon, bonding over talks of their dead fathers. Best! (You know nothing, Jon Snow!)
  • Ser Davos being the savage smart talker that he is. That little scene with the soldiers and his dialogues all through the episode. Some top notch banter and smooth advices!
  • Missing in action: Greyjoys.

Lots of unresolved questions. What unfolds next? We’ll have to wait to find out. Keep yourselves warm until then, winter is coming!

PS: Just 2 more episodes of season 7 left. *sob-sob*

Here’s the preview for next week:

Picture Credits: Google Images

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