Dear Paparazzi, Please Don’t Kill Taylor Swift!

The paparazzi can make or break a celebrity life. This time, it’s Taylor Swift on their radars.

On the occasion of the quintessential Princess Diana’s birthday on 1st July, let me admit this, I believed this for the longest time that she was killed by the paparazzi.

Lady Diana
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*cue gasps and furrowed eyebrows* I feel you. But the truth is slightly contrary.

Diana was not exactly killed by the paps chasing her, but by her inebriated driver who lost control. She was not, after all, murdered by the press.

Princess Diana’s story is the ‘It’ parable about how unregulated media can critically endanger someone’s life. We feel entitled as fans, in fact, to be on a lookout to know what is going on with our favorite celebrities, because they owe their fame, their million dollar businesses to this very interest of ours.

But how are the tabloid stories we feast on generated?

Enter, paparazzi.

Lady Gaga’s song by the same name goes, “Baby you’ll be famous/ Chase you down until you love me/ Papa-paparazzi.” It was her li’l tribute to the people she knew to be one of the most active forces in propelling her to superstardom, the paparazzi. The celebrity and the paparazzi have a quintessential love affair. Wherever the famous go, the flashlights follow them on. And why not? We want to know how they love, think, feel, live, how human these super humans are!

So it comes as no big surprise the big splash the paparazzi photographs of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston is making. The former banking on her glamorous heartbreaks to amp up her glamour quotient is very careful about how she is seen in public, hardly caught in any messy controversies. The latter is super super private, I think he hides some James Bond skills up his sleeves other than of course having that sophisticated Brit-Bond charm because he isn’t tabloid stuff.

Then one fine day, you wake up and see the whole world going into splits over them caught kissing on the beach!

Image Credit: PopSugar

“Say, WHAT?!”

Spotted by none other than a friendly neighborhood paparazzo! But this cannot be happening!! She just broke up with Calvin Harris!

Okay, we all know what followed/is following. They seem to be living a jet-set fairytale right on the front page of the world media. Rhode Island. Italy. Nashville. Nobody can get enough of them, what is this whole deal about? Publicity stunt or true love?

Image Credit: Getty images

Answer being, more and more and more paparazzi pictures. This has prompted an aggressive competition within the press to secure exclusive rights.

“Get that next picture right now!!!”

Taylor and Tom at Rome.
Image credit: PopSugar

#Trending #PicturePerfectRomance #Italy #TaylorAndTomForever

I thought for a while (thanks to a giant leap of imagination) that in this frenzy, the paparazzi were going to car chase Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. To Diana’s history.

But wait.

Aren’t these people only doing their jobs?

True. Some, in fact, are doing it too well.

There is a widespread rumor that they are staging it. Why? What? How? Yes, love or not, what keeps us kicking is that we don’t really know. The paparazzo can supply with only a fragment that feeds our imagination, they hinge on our excitement to know people’s private lives and dirty businesses.

Same case as a bunch of middle-aged people roasting the neighborhood teenager who seems to live an unconventional life. The gossip is just too good to overlook.

It’s almost every day that the paps overdo it, we have seen more than enough celebrities protesting paparazzi’s unwanted presence, who get too pushy, severely compromising their privacy, freedom, even security. Calvin Harris, in related news, busted his car door trying to escape being questioned about this whole drama. Scary! But the great guy he is, this is what he said:

Calvin apologizes to paparazzi

Duty calls, yes? The paparazzi are earning their rightful living, and you cannot blame them always when the celebs are inviting their attentions very freely.

So, while everything is being blown out of proportion, understand this: the CELEBRITIES will continue to live their crazy/beautiful/haunted lives, the PAPARAZZI will chase them everywhere, and WE will continue to pay money for it.

Now, can you spot the lion or the lamb here?

Till someone figures that out, Taylor Swift can date whoever she wants. In my head, Tom can save her from a car chase gone wrong, James-Bond style.

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