Connaught Place Going Vehicle Free Is An Important Initiative Citizens Should Cooperate With

A couple of days ago, we got the news that as decided by the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) and the Delhi Police, the hub of Delhi aka Connaught Place will be going vehicle- free.

Now, keep in mind that this project is just being implemented for 3 months just a trial, to see how the public responds to it, how the management is done and etc before the decision is made permanent.

Also, it is only the inner and middle circles of Connaught Place that will be made vehicle- free zones, and the rest will still be open to travel by a vehicle.

Now, obviously there has been a lot of wondering and pondering about this decision, people have commented on whether it will succeed or fail, if it even is a good decision in the first place or not and more.

And while I admit that I myself have reservations about how well Delhi authorities can handle something of this magnitude, considering their past record, I do think that for once, we as the citizens of this city should try and help out in proper implementation of this rule instead of cribbing and grumbling about how much of an inconvenience this is going to cause us.

connaught place
The major traffic in CP is truly a hassle and risky for the pedestrians walking around.


Can We Just Focus On How Badly Delhi Needs Pedestrian Only Zones?

Okay, for the time being can we set aside all the problems this decision is going to bring with it and focus on how badly this city, Delhi, needs pedestrian only zones.

And yes. Needs.

Delhi needs such zones, where people can walk without having to think that a bike or scooter, auto or car is going to come zooming beside them.

If you want an international example then Times Square in New York, US is a brilliant one, which has been a car or any vehicle free zone since 2009.

And why even go that far, we have a perfect pedestrian only zone example right here in the form of our Mall Road in Shimla, which stretches over 14km and is probably the longest vehicle-free road.

To be honest I would love it if not just Connaught Place but even Chandni Chowk, Malviya Nagar Main Market and several other places would become only pedestrian zones.

Lajpat Nagar for that matter does have parts of it closed off from traffic, but even still, the wayward scooter or auto does come trickling in.

Connaught Place Going Vehicle- Free Does Not Have To Mean Such A Bad Thing

Frankly, Connaught Place becoming a vehicle – free zone does not have to mean such a bad thing or something that could be problematic.

The problematic part could come from the management area and how do the authorities implement all the rules, overseeing whether they are followed and making proper arrangements for parking spaces and such.

However, I also would like to hope that for once, we as the common public could try and make the job of the authorities easier and help out in whatever way we can.

Signing off I would like to say that, Connaught Place going car- free might or might not be a good decision, but let us at least try to see it to fulfillment. Because let me tell you, there is nothing more freeing than the knowledge that you can walk around a certain market without fear of cars or autos and such.

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